Top 5 Best Chinese Scooter Motor Brands 2013

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tank scooter good 150cc
A lot of Chinese scooter motors brand and manufacturer around the world and spread rapidly to the local market today. A study from London University revealed that 50% of scooter motors market in the world dominated by Chinese scooters motor. Because their lower price compared with scooters from American, European and Japanese most of customers tempting to buy Chinese scooter motor for their transportation while the gas price rise.

But unfortunately, even Chinese scooter manufacturer and brand competed to improve their product quality and performance it will take a lot of time until the buyers absolutely believe in Chinese Scooter motor and change their view about this product.

Although many peoples around the world claimed that they have satisfied with performance from Chinese scooter brands but we all know that just little amount who posted their good opinion to online forums and media.
kymco scooter 125 good

Because there are many critics about Chinese scooter motors, another buyers also become afraid to purchase Chinese scooters motor. One of the important thins that you should consider before buy a Chinese scooter motor is “where you buy”. Reputable dealer which have good name in the forums can be a recommended place to purchase a Chinese scooter. In addition where you buy, another thing you must consider is about their sales support and after sales services. 

On this post to help you find the best Chinese scooter motors which suitable for your budget, I will share about some Chinese scooter brands which have good reputable on most of scooter forums. The list is according to my own opinion about Chinese scooter motor performance, sales support and product quality. It’s not a patent top list because every point of view from different people is not always same. On this list I will give the top 5 best Chinese scooter brands which have brighter future and quality in the future or in 2013. So, lets we check the top 5 best Chinese scooter motors 2013 below.

roketa reliable scooter good 125cc moped
Roketa Scooter Motor
Roketa open up this Top list best Chinese scooter motor 2013 with their Roketa MC54. Roketa MC54 is well designed with good components for a cheap price scooters vehicle. Roketa MC54 wouldn’t drain your wallet with the price. For maintenance, Roketa MC54 is very easy because it designed with simple design. People with average engineering skill also able to keep their up to snuff.
There are always some reasons why I added a brand to my best chinese scooter brands 2013 list. For Roketa MC54 they have durable engine performance. Change the oil of your best chinese scooter in the first start ride is the main key for most Chinese products.
Move to braking systems, the disc brake work good enough. Simple operation is the main good point for this side. The lighting is also good, but not great. When ride this scooter in the nigh reduce your speed to get enough traffic visibility  
Dependable design, durable performance, easy maintenance, trouble debugged and a many fun thing which make Roketa MC54 included to the list of best Chinese 150cc scooter.

Jonway Scooter Motors
Jonway is the biggest Chinese scooter motor player in African market. Jonway use GY6 50 and the GY6 150 for most of their product. Compared with another automatic scooter Jonway is much easy to ride. 
tao tao scooters good 50cc moped
 Kymco Scooter Motor
Another nomination for my best Chinese scooter motor 2013 come from 40 years experienced manufacturer in scooter competition, Kymco. As we all know Kymco always have good side for their fans. With their experience over 40 years they always provide good product with lower price. According to my research on the internet, Kymco get 8 values from 10 in engine performance. Buyers and forum member said that Kymco offers better handles. The carburetor of this brand also made up by a good vendor.

Another information Kymco scooter is good for all of you who try to keep the nature. Kymco developed scooter with friendly environment engine for some of their product.

Tao tao Scooter Motor
Tao Tao is a famous scooter brand in United States for a Chinese scooter motor. What make them famous? The design. Tao Tao scooter is provide good design for sporty man. Sporty design with sharp lines on their product always become an interesting side to be the reason why buyers choose this brands. Talk about engine and performance. Tao Tao scooter motors is not good as another brands. Just a average value for this brands.

tank scooter good 150cc
Tank Scooter Motor
The reason why I include this brand? Cheap price. Yes once again their cheap price. 1000$ or even cheaper for a scooter motor? It’s way tank scooter claimed to be a good scooter for some of buyers. But you should remember, price is not everything. Even it have cheaper price, tank scooter also comes with good product and performance. Tank scooter motor have good materials on the body which make this scooter much lightweight than the other brands.

So, after read all my best Chinese scooter motor 2013 what’s your opinion? If you say I was wrong it’s a problem because I also appreciate to different opinions. You can read my other articles about how to choose the right dealer and product for chinese scooter motor. What I share here is according to my own experience. And the last, after all what you choose? Move to try bought Chinese scooter or save your money and then buy Japanese or American scooter with higher price? It’s depend on you.