Vemar Bluetooth Helmets, Clear Communicate While on the Road

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Helmets Vemar Bluetooth is the latest addition to the family Vemar. With the burgeoning Vemar Bluetooth Bluetooth is a market leader in helmet sales. Jian Vemar Bluetooth Headset is one of the most popular models. Vemar town twinning experience with the convenience of Bluetooth capability is a win-win for riders from around the world. Jian Vemar Helmet pairs technology with style to give a modular helmet that protects more than it seems, which is really saying something. TC EVO Jian is the updated version of the Vemar Jian, a sturdy flip-up helmet. The "EVO" refers to the evolution of the helmet and the "TC" refers to the "tri-composite" shell used in this helmet. This latest version of TC EVO Jian Vemar has the latest "look Vemar Helmet", which gives it a unique style. Flip-up helmets are very docile when it comes to appearance, but the TC EVO Bluetooth Jian elegant and useful at once.

He also kept an extra feature, described and illustrated EICMA 2010 report. LED array is built on the cheek pad is a useful feature, especially for long distance riders, because the rapid push to give enough light to read maps, make a phone call or check their bags to find that missing the Zero bar. Vemar Jian TC EVO Bluetooth helmet is a great assembly from the fan top and chin bar vent, which allow ventilation. Rotating visor is solid and has a strong relaxing to keep it open.

The Jiano Vemar has a locking mechanism designed shield, which is superior security and convenience. Latch shield with metal pins and hooks, which reduces the chances of the opening in the case of an accident. It has an easy to use the lock button that is accessible even when wearing gloves.

Jian EVO TC is both outside and shield: the outside is a clear anti-fog and scratch resistant, quick release, and the interior is dark colored, sunscreen, and can also be used if the chin bar is high. They can be used together or separately, when the user various options for visibility.

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