Spring Breaks Movie, Sexy Girls Ride on Scooter

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What will you do if see three sexy and hot girls riding on scooter in the road and only wear bikini or swimsuit??
Yup that’s a little bit scene that performed by Selena Gomez, Vanessa Hudgens and Ashley Benson in their brand new movie. The movie with the tittles ‘Spring Breaks’ will be played in every cinema around the world for the next year.
The presences of the three sexy and hot girls with their sexy scooter suddenly make the traffic in St. Petersburg which for filming this movie became crowded. Especially for every male pedestrians who cross and passing the road.

 Selena Gomez who still 19 years old showed her slim and sexy body in her scooter. She is wears green sexy bikini while ride on scooter.
Meanwhile, while ride on her scooter ‘'Pretty Little Liars' stars, Ashley Benson wears bikini with tropical style completed with Hawaiian arts.

And the last, Vanessa Hudgens who the oldest between them choose to wears the sexiest bikini. She only wear green bikini for her show with her scooter.

As a plan, ‘Spring Breaks’ will be played in the next year. The story tell four female best friend which decided to do some robbery in order to spend a very enjoyable holiday.

In its movie, they are aided by a weapon seller, played by actor James Franco.

pictures source :  http://www.flynetpictures.co.uk/

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