I Scooter after Sales Tips

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I Scooter After Services
I Scooter sales becomes the main considered thing when somebody purchase I scooter. The budget for maintenance and repairs become the on of the reason. On this post we will talk about “after sales I scooter services”. As the example I will took the case in Cape Town. My friend purchase 3 I scooter in Cape Town with 3 different brands. And what I would tell you here is about my friend’s own experience. My friend purchase I scooter with 3 different brands on Cape Town. 

All the brands of his I scooters comes from Chinese. His I scooter offers different features and design but most of them try their best to provide comfortable ride, easy uses and simple features for daily uses. Each product bought their own special features inside. And the best thing are each I scooter also completed with maintenance and service issue, involve ranging from timing issues to alternators and punctures. Some of the issues covered every risk while riding with the I scooter and services engine require. But some product also offers poor servicing scooter.

 Some question that I asked to my friend when she tell me about this regulation is:

What the detail after sales service policy of you I scooter?

How their service interval?

What thing in your I scooter which covered by this service?

Are your mechanics qualified?

What warranty do your bikes have?

Do you have parts in stock?

And the I said to him that, all the answer that you get from the dealer may make you satisfaction enough. Make it sure that if there is any error or fault related with your I scooter which because by the dealer when services it will be the dealer responsibility. But you also should make it sure that the dealer also gives extra service and long lasting communication. It is to test their manner and their performance service while service their customer.