Scooters Motorcycle Important Safety Tips and Advice

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Scooters Motorcycle Safety Gear
Scooters motorcycle are vehicles or transportations with two, three or four wheel designed which powered by gas or electric energy. A lot of peoples use scooters motorcycle for their daily activity such as go to work, shopping, drop their kids or even sport exercise. But in line with the amount of peoples that using scooters motorcycle, there are a lot of accidents also happen during this year in every place and country. So I think it much important to know what the safety rules when riding your scooters motorcycle.

Wearing helmets is the most important thing and important safety gear while ride scooters motorcycle. Bright color wear also very helpful to make the other road user see you clearly in any condition. Blind spot and dark color shirt or wear make another driver and riding can’t see that there was you in front or side of them. This is very unsafe condition where the other persons don’t see you clearly while you ride on your scooters motorcycle. 

Signlamp on your scooters motorcycle also becomes important parts especially when you ride n busy traffic in the night. Your sudden maneuver can make the other driver surprised.
Always make sure to drive with right body position. Put your both hands on your scooters motorcycle’s steer and both of your foot on the footboards. Every single bumpon the road or some stone can make your scooters motorcycle lost control anytime. Always be aware with any holes in the road surface. Check your mirror frequently every 5 minutes to check is that any big vehicles or another driver or not.