The Chinese Dealer Never Revealed This - Simple Tips for Beginner to Fix A Chinese Gas Scooter Motor

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Your Chinese Gas Scooter ends up like this?

Like any other product from Chinese, Chinese gas motor scooter also need an extra maintenance and care to make it works properly. Sometime you find you gas moped scooter won’t start in the morning and this happen when you’re in a hurry. Very frustrated isn’t it? Actually, every Chinese scooter’s owner can repair or fix it by their self. It’s sounds like I’m intimidate you, but it’s not what I’m doing here.

When you start to follow my tips and done it for 2 or 3 times, maybe you will be a Chinese gas scooter expert engineer (In other word of course). So, below I will share some of basic tips and what you need to do to keep your Chinese gas scooter running well everyday. Fatal problem from a new Chinese gas scooter motor    “What thing that they never tell to us when we buy their Chinese gas scooter motor?” 

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Chinese Scooter motor dealer

It just like a common circle, you spent $700 - $2000 for a brand new Chinese gas scooter product and you purchase from online dealer or even local dealer in your city. Bring it home, clean the dust from the body take the photo of your Chinese gas scooter motor, post it to facebook, share it to a forum which become the place where you asking a bunch question before you buy that thing. You feel very proud with your Chinese gas scooter because you can bring it back to your house with cheaper price and great body design at once. Your ride it for your daily errands, praise the performance and compared it with the cheap price.

 But everything becomes different after 3 -5 months later. Your praise is not jumping from your mouth anymore. You realize something going wrong with your Chinese scooter motor.  You noticing some little problem came out. Funny noise came out from the engine and you’re pretty sure that it’s not feels the same anymore. And you start to hold your head, scratch your face and wondering, “What happens here??”

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Scooter motor spark plug
Bad thing that you should know about it
These only a scooter motor from china, they never offer it with additional proper oil

Spark Plug inside Chinese gas scooter is only 99 cents. You should know about it. It means. Low quality

Air intake system on Chinese gas scooter motor? What I would say, it’s like a group aggressive woman around one man. It’s too much, it’s over loaded.

The brakes?  They never told you that you should adjust it every 2 month right?

-Replace the oil after your drove it for 300 – 450 miles. It’s depends on your daily distance.

-Replace included spark plug before your do a first start. The first time you start it. Replace it with spark plug from NGK. It’s good enough and they have their own lover.

-Move to air intake systems, replace it. UNI racing Air filter is recommended for you.

-Like I mention above, if they never told you to adjust the brakes every 60 days, you should start today. Make it periodic for better result
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Recommended Spark plug for your chinese scooter motor

Tips For Chinese Gas Scooter Motor
After all, the tips above may sound so basic if you ever search your Chinese scooter problem on the internet. But what you never know, the tips solve 90% of basic concern for new Chinese scooter motor after once completed. On the internet they babbling every expert tips, mechanical correlation and what notice about them? They never give the basic.
Hire a local engineer if you start to intimidate with it. Maybe you only need to spend less than 1 hours working and $60. And you can use your scooter for 2000miles before you need to do other maintenance.

Waning!! Before you works!!!!!
Remember!! Don’t ever work with scooter motor while it’s still hot or you use it for a couple minutes ago. Let it cool down first and start to check it. Recheck your work make sure everything assembled and the oil caps applied tight. Electricity work properly and no gas liquid leaked.

Advice for newbie rider !!!!!!!!!!!
If you are a beginner in scooter riding and you want to buy a chinese scooter product which have cheap pric but comes with recommended performance and review from the expert, maybe you interest to read "Top 5 Best Chinese Scooter Motor Brands 2013". Consider every product you choose and read some advice before you decide your choice. My article about best chinese scooter motor 2013 may help you to find what you looking for from a chinese scooter motor.

Happy scooter riding!!!!

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Chinese Scooter After long Miles

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