Packing List Tips Before Touring with Motorcycle, It’s Works on me

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Need some advice to packing your stuff before touring? I think I need it too. Few days ago I complaining about my girlfriend’s behavior when she pack her stuff before we went to go out for a dinner. She spend more than 1 hours just for decided which stuff, which make up that she must bring for 3 hours of or dinner time. And she wasted it for 1 hour. Everything contrary if I remember yesterday and what I see now all my stuff should placed on my bag. I spent for 1 hour or much more to decide which stuff important which stuff not important which stuff will become useful which stuff will be break. 

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Motorcycle Touring 2013

I tried to cram 90% of my stuff to fit on my bag. When you would touring with motorcycle or scooter, less is without any important stuff leaved. All of the kit and stuff which I mention below is what I bring for my 7 days motorcycle touring. It’s about 3000 miles round scooter touring from Sumatera to Bali (Indonesia). I’m not trying to show you or even teach you what minimum stuff or kit that you need during your trip. Just for provoke some responses from reader around the world. I’m not saying that touring with motorcycle and you just bring a toothpick and chewing it on your mouth is not recommended advice but this list or the packing tips is works on me. 
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You bring everything?

Some people maybe response this post is kind of touring performance or something like that, but what I’m trying to share here is the stuff and kit that you need if you going to a place with long distance and you need a fast journey with light load on your back.

So let’s we start it, I begin to categorize the most important thing on my touring packing list. My bike (of course), pants on, socks, thermal, shirt, two pieces zip, leather with Gore-Tex brands assembled, water proof for rainy trip and a comfortable boots. Another safety gear is helmet with dark visor for day light touring.

And here's what's I’m fit into my bag.

Performance Touring Checklist for newbie bikers:
  • Passport (I don’t know why I bring it but I think I need it when I change my destination)
  • Earplugs (always keep from the noise since it created)
  • LED cycle torch (very usefull for any scenario, trust me)
  • Driving licence and a scooter or motorcycle (still confused what I choose to ride)
  • Soap bag (toothbrush, toothpaste, a few aspirin, paracetamol and a couple of berroca for sudden sick during the trip)
  • Cable lock (for additional security from thieves)
  • Chain lube (every time I heard lube it’s always bring my mind out of track)
  • Clear visor (for night touring especially on light less road)
  • Samsung Galaxy S3 (Phone, camera with amazing image result to record your journey, GPS, proper Sat Nav, phrasebooks)
  • Undercrackers (I don’t know what is this but the man in the garage sale suggest me)
  • Jeans (thin material, much lighter, keep me warm)
  • Cable ties (a million possibilities to use this stuff and many scenario related with this kit)
  • gloves (warming you hand)
  • T-shirts (4 pieces I think for extra preparation)
  • USB phone charging cable (if you’re not bringing your laptop, asked the receptionist or bartender)
  • Lightweight gloves (great for when it's warm, also good if your other pairs get soaked)
  • Flip-flops (wearing boots all the time and you feel like a woman on a Prada high heels)
  • Wallet (cash, credit card, license everything that will be useful for cost your motorcycle touring)
  • Socks (bring some, don’t force yourself to use on socks until the end of the trip.
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Someday i will be there. sure

As you can see, there's still plenty of room for a copy of Private Eye to keep you going in the evenings. If you want to take a proper camera, get a map as backup, lob a fleece in there, pad it out with more pants, smuggle some proper tea-bags, you can... but just remember; less is best.

What’s your opinion? As you can read above there are some space remaining for extra stuff such as camera with high definition video or even a private eye. Buy some maps for back up you Smartphones. You can smuggle some coffee, soap or beer, you can do that but remember lighter lad is much better.

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