Vemar VXR5 Helmet, Safety Stylish Design Helmet

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Vemar VXR5

The helmet is basically a basic personal safety of every motorcyclist should know to wear when he / she climbs on the wheel. Whether you are traveling as a professional rider or riding the love of sport, the head is no match when it comes to hitting something correctly, and to avoid a sense. I was about a year ago, we tested the $ 400 VXR7 Vemar helmet and came away very impressed. Fit and finish have been there for some of the best helmets we.ver never worn. We were so impressed that when asked Vemar would test the seven little brother, we jumped at the opportunity to VXR5. VXR5 shares many of the same advanced features as VXR7. The biggest differences we saw were the shape, size and amount of ventilation, and the price. In the same weighted average VXR5 our VXR7, tipped the scales 3.1 kg. And its price of $ 200 VXR5 poor is hard to beat.

The VXR5 has a round shell shape which offers a more generous fit ear to ear and back Snug fit (7, is oval in shape). If you have a big head is the lid for you. Winds are a bit smaller than on 5 September, but we found the headset very well ventilated. On hot days, we sweat, until we got rolling as soon as we had a little wind it was good. The removable and washable ultra plush non-deformable high density expanded polyurethane inner liner and cheek pads are very comfortable and keep the lines clear and sharp as easy as dropping into the lava with the rest of your equipment. The outer shell is made of a lightweight carbon fiber / fiberglass mixture. Two sizes of outer shells cover the 6 helmet sizes. All Vemar helmets meet DOT specifications and USA rider specific EU spec.

Each VXR5 includes a second display and carrying bag. VR5 is very comfortable fit without pressure points clumsy. It is designed with a larger head in the mind set on the front and back with more space in your ears. Sizes range from XXS to XXL. VXR5 The envelope has a double density high impact inner padded chin strap with a locking system with double ring and a snap to keep the little belt, a fine screen is in the chin vent for additional position of graphics protection of high quality, hand-made are under a thick layer of UV-resistant coating. All Vemar helmets are warranted for five years from the date of manufacture, which is equivalent to the full life of the helmet.

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