Vemar Product Release : Vemar VSR Chrome

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Moton has announced it has acquired a Vemar helmet as an exclusive brand and represent only U.S. Vemar Helmets

"Even if it is currently a wide range of helmet brands offered in the United States, Vemar enters the market at the same time, when the top of the market has room for growth and the lack of a clean 100% of high-end production manufactures laminated helmets, "according Motonation.

"Vemar will fill the void, and will certainly have an immediate impact on the market with its unique" exclusive "sales territories, set retail prices and the addition of two top riders in the MotoGP class."

"Alex De Angelis and Andrea Dovizioso Honda Gresini has Montiron / Mularoni Team Honda. The work is complemented by an extensive advertising program in detail, which will drive consumers to discriminate some of the best retailers in the U.S."

More information Vemar below, and we hope to acquire one of the new helmets as soon as possible for verification.

What exactly is it that offers some of the hallmarks of a mystical and seal all marketing dollars (or euros, in this case) in the world can not buy? There is a motorcycle helmet some names that seem to rise above the crowd and somehow become "the" helmet to own.

You can not simply be the quality and functionality, as it gives them an even start a game in this market. Must have something to do with the word of mouth, limited availability, prices do not include unwashed masses, race creed and a resume that wins.

These properties can not be bought, can not be controlled, and when it happens - no product - the manufacturer is generally taken by surprise.

The motorcycle helmet in the world, "It" label often been held by Schuberth, roof, Sumy, OGK and perhaps one or two more. Some end up trying too hard to capitalize on their amazingly desirable and blow by saturating the market in search of quick profits.

Another image is that it is pride, and end up on the wrong side of the customer, when the Next Big Thing arrives. It is a fine line, easily misunderstood, and too vulnerable to the whims of the market.

Vemar seems that they have recently - but can it last? If they continue to drain products, such as chromium VSR, would be certain.

Started in the not too distant past of 1981, Vemar (VE Vetroresina, Italian glass fiber and Mars in the region of Maremma, in Tuscany, where the plant is located) began as a manufacturer specialized in fiber carbon technologies, plastic and fiberglass. They have since developed a series of tough racing helmets, street and off-road and finished fourth in the sale of motorcycle helmets in the market highly competitive and rapidly growing European.

Some of you always webBikeWorld visitors may recall that the Vemar VSR Carbon helmet, which filed the motorcycle helmets page a couple of years ago. We stole the photo and the visitors went to the site Vemar (then available only in Italian), and this unique helmet camera generated tons of mail, mostly to ask when and where they could buy one.

After all this time, carbon, apparently not yet ready to Vemar ship, but we finally have an interesting technology, however, that Vemar Vemar VSR helmet "Chrome" Racing.

Photos do not do this justice headphones - it has a shiny chrome finish that seems to emit red light its own. I literally had people stop and look when I pass this baby on my head - "eye popping" is probably the word for color. Also available in chrome blue VSR Chrome is one of the top of the line Vemar helmets, and is now available in the U.S. thanks to the people at Intersport Fashions West, the official importers and U.S. distributors.

You may know Intersport Western fashion and distributors of some high quality accessories for motorcycles, including Firstgear clothing, gloves Held, Schuberth helmets, Hein Gericke, Oxtar boots, and more. We examined several of these products, so be sure to check the level of webBikeWorld review for more information.

But the VSR Chrome is not just a pretty face - with the size XL 1566 grams (3 pounds .., 7-1/4 oz) is a relatively lightweight helmet. Vemar use two shell sizes their helmets, a small shell size XS-M and a large shell sizes, sizes L and XL. We expect that the smaller size of the shell would have been even lighter Vemar claims smallest weight of 1420 grams, or about 3 kg., 2 oz This would make one of the lightest helmets available.

Vemar has its share of acronyms obfuscations, and suppose that the kaleidoscope of light is responsible. If you are interested, have a lot of details of their links with a variety of fibers ranging Vemar helmet, but suffice to say that they are using "Tricom" supporting Vemar is a proprietary blend of glass fibers, carbon fibers, aramid fibers, and called "Dyneema".

Dyneema is a HPPE (High Performance Polyethylene) fiber produced by DSM Dyneema NV is used in high performance ropes and lines, nets, commercial fishing, high performance sails and body armor, car doors and military helmets.

It claimed to be the "world's strongest fiber", so it's nice to know that is included in the mixture. Vemar refers to the use of carbon fiber, and we would not be surprised to learn that the VSR Chrome has its share of stuff, but we're not sure. In some areas, VSR Chrome seems that the appearance of "The Matrix" carbon fiber, particularly around the chin bar.

The purpose of a motorcycle helmet is to protect the rider's noggin, and a helmet in the Shell, usually made of a sort of mixture of different fibers which, when cured, forms a solid matrix which will absorb the deformation of the energy in a controlled manner.

Easier said than done, because the shell must be shaped bag with heat and pressure also find a form acceptable to the customer, offer aerodynamic efficiency and allows ventilation.

Some helmets are cast using different types of cheap plastic, with or without a matrix of fibers added for strength. If they pass the DOT, Snell or ECE tests, so who can say one is better than another?

But in general we will see what to wear motorcycle racers, as they require the absolute best protection. One thing is to take a different security only through the grating, is quite another thing than the real world can be wrong helmet track.

I have a big ass motorcycle helmet size, and, depending on the design, sometimes take a large but sometimes you have to satisfy my XL head round. Intersport Fashions West sent me a size XL, in my head when I described the size and shape, and the VSR Chrome fits almost perfectly, so I would say they run a little touch.

The internal shape of the VSR usually oval shaped chrome-plated, because the pages are a bit 'tight, but the finish is surprisingly elegant and I like the helmet to be very nice.

The internal shape seems to be unusual, and it feels like it is round the top, slightly oval on the sides and opens again down. I have an "earth" shaped head, wide at the temples, and often have trouble finding the perfect fit.

I also have a wide jaw, and although one might think that chromium VSR of "hourglass" shape as described is contrary to my main form, it is not the case. The extra space in the lower half of the helmet does the trick, and relieves the pressure on my cheeks.

VSR Chrome is removable cheek pads and a removable liner and cheek pads are available in small (15mm), medium (25 mm) and large (30 mm) size.

They fit very well the helmet, because they are fully supported by Velcro, hooks and the like can be found in cheap low-cost helmets. I'm not sure what size pillows are standard size XL helmet (probably in the middle?), But these fit perfectly to me, so I'm very satisfied.

Slightly wider at the bottom of the helmet design is a little downside. Do not close the vortex of air around the base of the helmet, letting in more noise than would otherwise be possible. Race-oriented helmets tend to be noisier than, say tour helmets, but the noise in the neck area VSR Chrome I could easily be solved by a few other padding in this area.

If I understood my shoulders just to touch up when I'm driving, which pushes up the collar of his coat tight around his neck in a helmet can reduce noise by about 50% apparent. It seems to come from under the helmet, just below and behind the ears. Can I stick a finger through the opening and quiet things down as well.

This can be caused by my main form, or even the types of jackets that I wear, so your mileage may vary. Alternatively, a wind blocker product Windjammer helmet goes a long way to calm down any helmet.

VSR Chrome features of several types of vents and exhaust fans to keep things cool. The bar has a "V" shaped vent that allows a good amount of air that blows ran behind the guard.

The rear of the tow bar is coated pleasant, comfortable EPS, even if it feels like the air flows through it and my face, I can not see the holes, so I do not know how it happens.

There are also a number of times square along the top of the eye opening in the helmet that direct the air return to the top of the head.

The chin bar also has an external extractor on each side, which is well hidden in the overall appearance, and seems to help pull air through the chin bar.

Top of the helmet is a simple but fresh outburst flowing open to looking at the top two positions (three if you count stick). Live on less plastic shield to ward off insects and sand.

Two pipes are waiting on either side of the top of the helmet and the air is forced back into their extracted by two relevant broadcasters that can be opened or closed.

The detail is completed with two handles on the back, below the hull, using the low pressure area of ​​the hull to help the air in the rear.

All this adds up to two inputs (the bar and chin up), four centrifuges Venturi (two front and two rear), and two extractors behind the top of the helmet, which can be opened or closed.

Buttons or switches that open and close chin vents and higher are "V", and in typical Italian style, both stylistic and functional purpose is served.

The overall quality of the hull VSR Chrome, coating, painting, and in general, and the finish is top-drawer, like the best in the world, in our opinion. As mentioned above, the chrome paint is really to be seen to be believed.

Vemar uses a 2.2mm scratch resistant visor available in clear, smoke (50%) and taste of Iridium. The clear and smoke visors are treated with "Savimex" anti-fog and anti-UV coating; Vemar claims that this is the most effective anti-fog is available. It was very hot here, so we had no chance to put that claim to the test.

The helmet also has the now ubiquitous spring, easy to use system of the visor assembly. Simply lift the visor for the first position, pulling down the little button on the side to release the spring tension, and the visor pops right out for cleaning or replacement.

Vemar has developed what they call the "Crush Zone Technology", which is used in the chin bar allows you to crumple in a crash. VSR Chrome is the ECE 22.05 and DOT approved (see the information page to the ECE 22.05 WBW). ECE 22.05 is a European standard for the motorcycle safety helmet, and is probably the most stringent standards in the world.

VSR Chrome is approved for use in the FIM World Superbike, AMA Pro Racing, CCS, PIM, Formula-USA, WERA, and up to MotoGP. Vemar helmets are used by many drivers as the drivers of the 250cc World Championship Stefano Perugini, Roberto Rolfo, and Anthony West.

Various other features include "Mesh Breath" comfortable lining, as previously mentioned, plus a nice D-ring retention, which includes a plastic tab on a large ring and an easy to use pressure to hold the extra length on the tape .


Vemar reputation for innovation and quality is certainly confirmed in our VSR racing helmet chrome. It is not difficult to find quality defects, even with the little more expensive helmets, but Chome RSV is impeccable.

We are particularly impressed with the comfort and fit of the shirt, it's hard to get excited about a helmet liner, but actually seems more comfortable. The headset works a lot of air, comfortable, lightweight and has some security advantages provided by the race said race Vemar engineering.

And 'noisiest helmets other way, although probably in the middle, helmet race. We always use earplugs and a helmet when riding a diaper, and you'll want to do well. See the WBW headsets and headphones page for more information and choice to wear earplugs.

To paraphrase an old saying "if you have a head of Buck 100, buy a helmet for $ 100," but if you only have a good helmet, why not make a statement? The Vemar VSR Chrome is a great alternative to the more popular brands, and you get close to the best that money can buy.


Motorcycle Helmets Vemar

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Background: Vemar Helmets Srl

Vemar was founded in 1975 in Grosseto (in beautiful Tuscany) to produce fiberglass tanks for storing wine, oil and water for professional and home use.

In 1987, established one of the original partners Vemar, Riccardo Simoni, Department helmet is based on over 10 years experience in fiberglass and composite materials sectors. This division was abolished in 1992 in his own company, Vemar Helmets Srl

From the first building, which was larger than 1800 square feet, the process of development and diversification that began with the growth of the brand through Vemar sales in over 40 international markets, the physical presence of the companies has increased a siege of more than 270,000 square meters.

Concentrate "first day" in the technical development, quality, materials and production methods, Mr. Simoni put in practice the experience he obtained in the composite fibers and soon, focusing on development plan product comfort, weight and safety helmet Vemar were able to produce Kevlar, carbon and multi-product compounds (Tri-composites) with upper and lining the epitome of Italian style is the production largest and most experienced European composite helmets.

Vemar says: "Each autoclave produces carbon fiber composite hull is composed Vemar artisans Vemar his own Italian production plant, the only European manufacturer of high-end headphones increasingly outsource their production."

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