Lambretta LN125 Land On U.K

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With a darkness of disputes still around the use of the Lambretta name, the progress 'sample' style came in the UK on Thursday, May 15, 2011.
The first new Lambretta gets there in the UK

With the UK importer, WK Motorbikes, being less than a kilometer from Scootering’s workplace in Horncastle, there was soon someone down there  to have a fast look over the new motorcycle for us.

As you have no uncertainty study in Scootering over latest concerns, this new Lambretta LN125 motorcycle has been developed by Alessandro Tartarini (of Italjet fame), it is developed in Taiwan and operated by a 125cc SYM-based four-stroke automatic web page. The contemporary shape is created up of an assortment of both nasty and steel panelwork (the latter seemingly created in Italy). There is also an underseat nasty safe-keeping bay, while avoiding strength is via just one front side dvd and a drum braking system at the again.

Lambretta LN125
With it basically immediately out of the box and with a appropriate strength supply fixed (there was not one on it when it arrived), a little try around the importers’ building was all that was available, which contains around a half-mile generate in complete. Not enough to create anything more than preliminary findings really, which involved that the revocation sensed sufficient without too much returned around and that the top side braking system sensed quite sensitive and bit reasonably well – as opposed to the again drum which do not seem to be very efficient at all. That said, it must be recalled that this motorcycle was immediately out of the box with no PDI and less than 5 kilometer on time.

Scootering journal do however will take one for a complete highway analyze as soon as a style becomes available to us.

The Lambretta LN 125 will be followed later this season by the LN150. Then in beginning 2012, there will be a new edition known as the LS, which will be available in 50cc and 125cc twin-seated versions. Costs will begin at around £3300. E-mail for more details on the Lambretta variety.

There is a complete British area on the Lambretta manufacturer web page at and supplier results and details will be included over the arriving several weeks.


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