How Fast Burgman 400cc Scooters on the Road?

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Suzuki Burgman 400cc Scooters
A lot of 400cc scooters experts said that big scooters can really move and have much storage boot. And so do I, I agree with this statement because while choosing bike I prefer choose scooter especially with 400cc of engine capacity. The other scooters with smaller sizes are really fun to ride around the town. But not suitable and comfort ride for long distance. And for this time I will share how fast 400cc scooters can move. As the example is one of my favorite 400cc scooters, Burgman 400cc scooters.
There is a statement which said that Japanese manufacturer built their scooters for long term because they need the best product. The fastest and the most comfortable 400cc scooter is their goal.
I have some scooters with large engine capacity such as Piaggio MP3 400cc scooters, Yamaha TMax 500cc and Honda Reflex 250cc scooters. But I always said that my Burgman 400cc scooters are the best scooters that always accompanied me while on the road. 

Depending on my own experience ride on Suzuki Burgman 400cc Scooters, I can say that this 400cc scooter is able to move on 150 km/h of speed. And the best part is I don’t feel any vibration on the steer or the whole body. As fast you'll need to go reasonably on Inter-states. The 400 handles very well whether back roador on major highways. The Burgmans 400cc scooters are top of the line scooters and have an outstanding reputation for reliability.
Just FYI, skip the Chinese 150cc scooters. They are not cost effective. The Taiwanese mfg.s (KYMCO, Buddy) do some decent rides but you are better off staying with Suzuki (Burgman 400cc scooters), Honda or Yamaha, especially for 250cc and above rides.