Top Ten Lambretta and Vespa Classic Scooter Modifications

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The term 'mod' is perhaps most appropriate when used in the context of vintage Lambretta or Vespa scooters, as it could just as easily be short for 'modification'. - And there are an abundance of different modifications that can be made to these vehicles. But which are the most essential?
1. Scooter Mirrors
Synonymous with classic scooters is the iconic image of an old Vespa or Lambretta loaded up - almost precariously so - with enough mirrors to fill a medium-sized house. Legshield mirrors and handlebar mirrors are the most common types.
2. Racks/Carriers
This should perhaps appear at the top of this list as they are essential for proving mirrors and additional lights with something to latch onto. But they are also very useful as a means of carrying luggage or a spare wheel.
3. Seats
One of the most popular modifications made to these bikes - particularly Lambretta's, as their originals were so ugly - is the seat. It's common for scooterists to want to give their ride a more racey look and feel, and the Ancillotti slope-back seats are often the most logical choice in achieving this goal.
4. Flyscreens
Protect yourself from flies and other airborne debris with a stylish-looking Vespa or Lambretta flyscreen. They are available in a range of colours and different model-type fittings.
5. Goggles
Complimenting or an alternative to flyscreens - and not a modification as such - are vintage scooter goggles, which can also be worn up over the helmet. Full classic-style goggles or the more minimal sunglass-type are available. They protect your eyes from flying debris and look stylish to boot scoot!
6. Bumper bars
Chrome-plated front bumper bars give your scooter that little bit of added protection - and that's something which my mum always used to say: "make sure you always use protection" - so they must be good!
7. Crashbars
Front crashbars, side crashbars and rear crashbars make sure that your scooter is covered from tip to toe. They can also be used to provide additional places on which to attach yet more mirrors and lights.
8. Trim
The essential embellishment: emphasising the lines and shape of the scooter, chrome scooter trim can really put the finishing touches on a classic Vespa or Lambretta. Double legshield trim is the common type.
9. Stickers
Stick them on and *bang* you've transformed the identity of your bike - just like that! OK maybe that's a little too dramatic(!), but scooterists love customising the look and feel of their vehicles and stickers are an inexpensive way of doing so.
10. Badges
Just like stickers for your scooter, badges are another great way to customise your scooter clothing and other scooter apparel at minimal cost. There are all kinds available, but the most popular are Lambretta or Vespa branded.
So there we have it, the top ten Lambretta and Vespa classic scooter modifications. Of course there are many more mods which can be made, such as adding mudflaps, competition numbers or chrome wheel trim, but this list should get you well on your way to modding the perfect scooter!