History and Relation Between Lambretta Scooter and “Xispa”

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Lambretta Xispa
All the people know that Lambretta scooter is made and come from Italy. Most of people also know that Lambretta scooter also made from India. And a lot off people said that Lambretta born in Spain, Germany and France. But Brazil? Or Brasil spelled for some reason? ? Perhaps it's my Eurocentric world view, but I was quite surprised when I first found out. (For completists, Lambretta's were also made under license in Argentina, Taiwan and Columbia).
The history about Lambretta scooter in Brasil wil bring us back to 1955 and the fact is Lambretta being the first automotive manufacturer in Brasil. In 1959 Lambretta manufacture produces more than 50,000 scooters in a years, a large number of producing item for a pioneer automotive manufacturer likes Lambretta. The mainstay or their blueprint was based on Lambretta LI series 2 which produced from 1960 in Italy. Well known around the Brasil as “Pasco Lmabretta” , the Lambretta scooter market began to expand their market and suffer the same tiny decline in the future which happened in European market that time.
In order to jump and increase the market and keep up with the update of automotive fashions that change every time, Lambretta Scooter Brasil announced their brand new product from Lambretta Scooter families which looks more unusual called “Xispa”. Xispa was kind of hybrid scooter from Lambretta from brazill for sale but with many Lambretta component.
Xispa Lambretta from Brazill
Xispa available in 150 cc scooter and 175 cc scooter series.The Lambretta Xispa got a lot of positive responses from the market and their sales were increases. More over Lambretta Xispa Scooter also showed their dominant by lead the import of Japanese motorcycles and mopeds. This all but saw the end of Lambretta production in Brazil, although their final throw of the dice was the slimline style Lambretta Cynthia (which I will feature at a later point I'm sure) and the 'cutdown' version of this… the MS150… the factory trimmed sidepanels and MS designation earning it the nickname "the MiniSkirt".
For your information there is good interest in classic Lambretta from around the world. There are also many Lambretta Xispa in the market around the world. For instance, here's a very nice example, going for about 4,000 Brazilain Reals (about £1,100 at current exchange rates). You'll have to ship it over from Brasil of course! I like it, I think it's got a certain '70s charm and it also reminds me of those fantastic racing "Lambretta da Corsa" scooters from the fifties.Lambretta in brazill.