The Brand New 2012 Models of Piaggio 3 Wheel Scooter Concepts

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Piaggio 3 Wheel Scooter Concept
Prepare for the brand new concept from Piaggio, introduced 3 wheel scooter concept. Few days ago Piaggio has announced their brand new product which carrying 3 wheel scooter concept at Bologna Motor Show event. The 3 wheel scooter from Piaggio designed with high technology inside and 2 front wheel designs. It’s looks like the tires of the scooter still the same as usualscooter. The idea to use 2 wheel on the front is to provide extra safety and comfortable even on the bad road conditions. The 3 wheel scooter product from Piaggio will be launched in 2 model, 250cc scooters and 400cc scooter engine.

There are rumored about the scooter which said that Piaggio will be soon released their 3 wheel scooter. On the back of the scooter models above, Piaggio also prepares some other scooter series called MP3 c 3 wheel scooter. MP3 C will be launched in 3 models and can be define from the wind shield design. But we don’t have a lot of information about this 3 wheel scooter product. Is it a funky scooter, business scooter or another target markets. What we know now, it’s all about 3 wheel scooter concepts from Piaggio.
There have been some rumored and leaks on the internet about the scooter but what we do no just wait until Piaggio officially launched their 3 wheel scooters models.