How to Adjust The Speed Of Your 150cc Gas Scooter With Simple Steps

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150cc scooter Speed Adjust
150cc Gas Scooter is a perfect vehicle when you want to ride around your town. But, as we know sometimes we can find the 150cc Gas Scooter becomes slow or lose the speed while we ride on it. Basically, it caused by the engine from 150cc Gas Scooter. This vehicle designed to be a motorcycle not only a little scooter so it needs some adjustment to provide maximum power and speed that we need.
First of all you need plug out the bolts holder from your 150cc Gas Scooter varitors. The variators is part of the scooter which handles the transmission engine systems. If you can’t find it, try to looking for a socket which looks like a rubber band. This part handles between five to ten bolt holding covers.
 Plug out the lug nut on toothed sprocket on your 150cc Gas Scooter.
Release the transmission washer which connected to the rubber belt. The effect is to increase your 150cc Gas Scooter speed and decrease the speed as you want.
What you need to note here is removing the transmission washer correctly will define the success step. Disturbed the carburetor compartment on your 150cc Gas Scooter is also risky if you not be careful. Everything that you need on this guide can be find on local automotive store.