Honda Activa Expert Reviews

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Honda Activa India
HONDA ACTIVA – India is the country with the largest moped scooter purchase amount. So in this country we can find some product choice. Why we talk about Honda Activa in India? It is because Honda Activa are designed to provide and offers everything that most of riders needs.

We can said that Honda Activa is a “ Comfortable Moped Scooter” because this product comes with a lot of improved features in every series. The mixed between design, performance and power makes the Honda Activa becomes the most popular moped scooter in India.

Honda Activa built for save your wallet from the gas mileages and go to anywhere that you want without worrying about the gas. With the global development from Honda’s tested engineers, they make the new features for this scooter. A lot of riders said that Honda Activa is more than a usual scooters. With the improvement in gas mileages and comfort features the riders is able to enjoy Honda Activa as long as they want.

Brand New Features on Honda Activa

Durable and compact metal body on Honda Activa
According to their latest models, Honda always designed their moped scooter using metal materials. The purpose is, with the metal body Honda Activa is able to run on every road even the toughest road on India. 

New Air Filter Systems
The developed air filters systems on Honda Activa made the scooter more durable, powerful and reduce the maintenance cost and period.

Economic Considering
We all know that Honda Activa powered with 110cc engine capacity inside the engine blocks. The information that we doesn’t know is this engine capacity give us 15% of gas mileages that previous Honda Activa series.