Scooter Motor Types, Important Guide Before You Buy

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Vintage Scooter Motors
Scooter motor became popular since peoples in America choose to ride simple transportation for their daily activities. But have you know that scooter motor is divided and grouped in several types depending on the model, engine capacity and features. Here comes some type that generally known by scooter motor users around the world.

Sport Scooter Motor

Scooter motor with sport looks and sporty design was known and become popular since 1980 when manufacturer from Japan, Honda and Yamaha introduce their brand new scooter motor product which offers sharp line design and fiber contains.

Scooter Motor Classic

According to the name of this model, we can see that this type is the main and the old one model from scooter motor. Back to Vespa garage in 1950 to got all of the history. In 1950 classic scooter motor introduced by Audrey Hepburn and Gregory Peck rode. To indentify the classic models we can check the scooped front leg shield and round front lamp. Not only popular in that year, scooter motor with classic models or known as retro scooter motor also become favorite design of the rider.

Maxi Scooter Motor

Maxi or maximum is only the name for this type. Maxi word reflects the high performance and strong power offered by most of scooter motor on this model. The famous brand and product that known such as Suzuki Burgman 400cc scooter and t becomes rare items in the market lately.
Scooter Motor Vintage

Heard from the name, the scooter motor with vintage models have large amount on the market. . A vintage scooter though is not for the novice as a vintage scooter may have it's share of maintenance problems. However, for some reasons the absolute style points a vintage scooter can not be beat.