What You Need To Know When Buy Scooter Motor from eBay

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eBay Scooter Motor Seller
On previous post, I was give you some tips related with the cost buying scooter motor from local scooter dealer or online scooter dealer, And now on this post I would like to tell you about the scooter motor warranty from scooter dealer. We will focus talk about eBay. eBay which is the one of the biggest online seller ever said that they not only sells and run or there’s no responsibility about the after sales service. eBay offers full six month warranty on the scooter motor that you decide to purchase. But most of seller on eBay has bad reputation on after sales warranty and services. When you need some part of your scooter motor and ask to the seller, most of them will said that they don’t have the part. Worse then, they even said that they don’t have scooter motor in their place. 

When you sent the seller some money, they will skimmed their profit out the top move around and took your scooter motor on distributor. Then distributor will be shipped to your order directly to your address. When you meet damages and need a part or service the seller on eBay or the man that sell your scooter motor will bring you to the distributor. On the other side distributor also said that we must contact the company where you purchase your scooter motor. The company that they mean maybe is only a man with laptop on his room, said to give you good part but the reality is they order it from a place in China. Even some of the seller gives their promise and process the warranty. It will take a few months before you receive the part that you need for your scooter motor.

My tips and opinion about eBay, I thing eBay is a goof place if we want to find the lower price of scooter motor. But what we need to know eBay is not a good place to expected a good warranty, what you need to consider again before choose a scooter dealer are, what’s important? After sales warranty or lower price?