Suzuki Scooter, Suzuki Swish 125cc Scooter for Urban Rider

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Suzuki Swish 125cc scooter
According to Suzuki promise few month ago, great news for Suzuki scooter lovers all over the country comes from this scooter manufacturer. Located on Auto Expo 2012, Suzuki introduced the rand new Suzuki scooter for Indian market with product name Suzuki Swish 125cc scooter.

What we can say about Swish 125cc scooter is, is not just a stylish scooter when we closed it with Suzuki Access 125cc scooter. For the price, you may feel excited with it, Suzuki Swish 125cc scooter is only Rs 45,431 up to Rs 60.000 at Mumbai and Delhi dealers.  

Suzuki always tried to provide scooter motor for urban, young and stylish scooter with much spirit inside their product but on the same time they offers low price. As we know according to some expectation Suzuki Swish 125cc scooter was powered by 4 strokes and 125cc single engine capacity inside the body. We also can find large space for storage under the seat.
Hurry up and purchase Suzuki Swish 125cc scooter for more features and stylish design. Neutral riding position designed to provide comfortable driving especially for log distance drive. Compared with Honda active, Suzuki claimed that their throttle works better than Honda Activa. The body of Suzuki Swish 125cc scooter contains more fiber than metal. Its offer light weight with high accurate maneuver while on the road. 

Overall, after checking the features, engine and design from Suzuki Swish 125cc scooter we can say that Suzuki Swish 125cc scooter bring what young rider needs. It’s looks Compaq, solid but still showing light design. With price which only around Rs 50.000 you can say that this Suzuki scooter motor categorize on cheap models. But the performance still offers high power.