Why Vemar Jiano Bluetooh Helmet Get many Complaint from Buyers?

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Vemar Jiano Helmet
This morning, I look around a websites which provide information related with Bluetooth helmets. My sight felt on a Bluetooth helmet from Vemar which designed with full face models. I try to get the information about this Bluetooth helmet deeper because I plan to buy some for me and my son.  
But guess what I find there, most of people has said that this Bluetooth helmet s not a recommended product. They said that this Bluetooth helmets produce much noise and the headset is not loud enough. A reviewer even said that he bought this Bluetooth helmet and it broken just before a year.
So what happen next, I took some conclusion about this Bluetooth helmet. Basically Vemar Jiano Bluetooth helmet is not a bad product. Maybe we can said it after looking from the other said such as price which cheaper than other product.

And now, let take a look from seller review about vemar jiano Bluetooth helmet. The dealer said that vemar Bluetooth helmet is fully assembled. The size and design developed to fit with all head size. About Bluetooth features, of course they also buried it on this Bluetooth helmet.

Features of Vemar Jiano Bluetooth Helmets.

Ø  It suitable and support to you device such as GPS, MP3 and mobile phone
Ø  Speaker with stereo systems inside
Ø  Guarantee for 5 year after sales.
Ø  DOT regulations
Ø  Dark tinted shield is able to replace and remove.
Ø  Metal lock with strong key
Ø  Removable and washable interior for easy cleaning and maintain
Ø  Available and included with user guide on every sales packages