New 2013 Honda Metropolitan, Solution for Big City Vehicles

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2013 Honda Metropolitan
In every country nowadays, people are more keeping their wallet to heart than they supposed used to. Some problem comes when they want to go from a place to other place not for far distance and then going back to their house. I think car is not a solution for people who live in major metropolitan city because their economical mindset. So, what they can do if walking make so tired and o far, bicycle is to hilly, and public transportation such as bus is inconvenient? And you’re not ready for some cash.

And the loudest answer comes from a Japanese manufacturer, Honda. Honda sure and believe that what people looking for today is inside 2013 Honda Metropolitan. 50cc scooter engine capacity, two valve, air cooled and fuel injection powered the 2013 Honda Metropolitan. This little scooter will meets emissions regulations in the future. Honda claimed that 2013 Honda Metropolitan can be setup return 117 mpg.

Honda Metropolitan 2013
2013 Honda Metropolitan also offers $50 cheaper price than his predecessor which shipped in 2009. Talk about the design and features, 2013 Honda metro look stylish, all new design, sharpen with new headlight and gauge set. Look not so different from the old version but lets we look deeper. Cockpit area, big enough storage under seat offer 2.2 liter capacity. It’s big enough for bicycle helmet in. Larger convenience also available for put some groceries and your shopping item. 2013 Honda Metropolitan claimed to be easy ride scooter. With the light weight, short height this little scooter is not look dangerous, but you still need a helmet when ride it. Honda Metropolitan top speed is 40 mph but that’s the proper top speed for 50cc engine capacity that can be expected from EPA-legal. 

Don’t be worry with a bump or little hole on the road, the presence of twin donwtube fork and single shock breaker absorbed every bumps. It was comfortable for all surfaces. The braking systems in 2013 Honda Metropolitan are not fully responsive. It may because they still equipped drum brakes. It’s good enough when you used both of rear and front at once. But you it will drop if you only use front binder.
For a scooter under 2 grand, that’s only a little complaint. 2013 Honda Metropolitan return their impressive numbers from every features. Compared with the other scooter on the class, it’s pretty hard to find another product which offer les bucks. Example, Yamaha Vino with almost same specs it cost $251 more and it’s not listed for Yamaha 2012 model.
Test Ride Honda Metropolitan

Another 50cc scooter,  Zuma 50F from Yamaha. Offer same top speed, same storage advantages but the design looks perfect for off road, not for daily uses. The benefit from Zuma is only front drum brake compared with Honda Metropolitan. Zuma cost $500 more than Honda Metro and that a big different cash.
With the new 2013 Honda Metropolitan, Honda delivers a reliable, practical and economical mode of transportation for downtown dwellers. All for under two grand. And in some states, you don’t even need a motorcycle license to ride such as this one. If you live in a big city and are tired of walking or taking the subway, the Metropolitan deserves a look for new daily vehicles.