How Dangerous Driving in a Fatigue Conditions?

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Many accidents are caused by fatigue was derived from a very less time sleeping. Driving without enough sleep causes a feeling as floating or semi-conscious. Fatigue will limit the body to perform emergency functions during driving. A lot of people consider fatigue when driving is a problem in people who drive great distances. But did you know that someone who had left work and was very tired is more dangerous than the traveler?
accident caused by fatigue
Slower reaction to an event - fatigue greatly reduces the ability of the driver to react quickly like alcohol. driving for 17 hours without a break will have an impact as we drank 0.05% alcohol in our blood.

Reduced concentration - your ability to process the information around you will be declined. count against your driving speed and the distance to the other vehicle is also reduced.
Reduced alertness - fatigue motorist risks and hazards multiply. this will take place in stages with consideration also the gradual

in some parts of the fatigue becomes a factor in a fatal accident and an estimated 23-30% of fatal accidents are caused by fatigue.
Accidents due fatigue in the rural area is ​​the main cause for a single accident. In fact they have a normal sleep times, they are not sleepy, but just very tired.

And until this day many people still think fatigue is only a problem for those who drive away. The truth is that people are tired of driving, they were tired before driving. Work hard, work long hours, sleep soundly and be one cause of depression.

Symptoms of fatigue

·         Yawning
·         Yes feel heavy, dry, drowsiness, watery eyes
·         Body reactions or gestures that slow
·         Driving at a speed that is unstable
·         Impatience
·         Body aches and feels really want to lie down

fatigue caused accident

Fatigue while driving is not like drunk driving or something. It is not a criminal offense but the effects could be worse. Driving in a state of fatigue can be avoided with a few tips below:

1.       Adequate and quality sleep before going long distances
2.       Do not drive more than 8 hours in one day
3.       Always a time to rest, at least 2 hours once
4.       Do not drink alcohol while driving.
5.       Take 15 minutes of your time to take a nap when you feel very sleepy.
6.       Do not drive in the hours you used to sleep.