Wearing Bicycle Helmet When Riding 250cc Scooter in Florida? What’s The Rights?

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bicycle helmet when scooter
I ever saw an actor in the movie ride on his 250cc scooter and he’s only wearing bicyclehelmet on his head. The scene present beautiful view of Florida completed with the hot weather. And guess what, it’s not just happens in a movie, it also happens in real life in Florida. Peoples sometimes wearing an unsafe gear and apparel because the hot weather make they sweat all the time even during ride on scooter motor. What on my mind, I was agreed if the hot weather is the reason. But what about safety rules, police, personal safe and other driver’s safety. 

According to study held in German about accident and various types of helmets. Revealed “Damage Area” caused by worst accident or light accident which hitting your head 30-40% of the impact were to the lower jaws and face parts.

From memory, I ever saw someone share his pictures of himself holding large dental bridge support and six tooth gap on his upper teeth when he smile. Another guy just posted his face after reconstructive surgery.
Seeing from law perspective in Florida, wearing bicycle helmet when riding any motorized are set out in local regulations. 

The rules said every people who not to wear DOT approved helmets will be required to pay $10,000.

Besides the cost, like many others riders said most of accidents followed by injury to the lower jaw and face parts are something that a bicycle helmet doesn't protect. Wear a Full Face will give extra safety from the rain, dust and insect. Just wondering when we ride on the road and an insect hit our eyes, what happens next we will lost the control of our scooter and temporary blinded.


To avoid hot weather and dry climate in Florida but keep on safe try to purchase full facehelmets which designed with extra air circulation. Many brands provide this technology from few years ago with DOT license and approval. Soft materials and extra light spoons on helmets also affect air circulation inside your helmets. If you ride on mid speed I think all the air flow is cold enough to swap and reduce the heat.