Vectrix Electric Maxi Scooter 2007, The Predecessor of 2012 Vectrix VX-2

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Vectrix electric scooter

Let’s go back to 2007 to remember a scooter product that becomes the first predecessor, a revolutionary idea which still gives their sense until today. With the gas price rises, energy replacement becomes a thing and an option that must be developed. In 2007, a scooter powered by gasoline and electricity had been launched to be the pioneer for future energy replacement and environmentally friendly vehicles.

When the electricity is not only to live up your smartphones or turn on your ipod, electricity to drive a motor vehicle proves that their performance is not inferior to the other scooter powered gas or oil-fired.
Introduced Vectrix electric scooter, a new Rhode Island-based company trying to prove that electric-powered bikes are not only a viable mode of new ways in vehicles, but also fun, affordable, user-friendly and capable of saving the environment from impending doom in the future as we all know.

police Vectrix electric maxi scooter

The Vectrix electric maxi scooter provides the benefits of gasoline-powered scooter with reduced carbon dioxide. It can run up to 62 mph (100 km/h) and accelerates quickly. Vectrix electric maxi scooter claimed that they able to reaching a speed of 50 mph (96 km/h) within 6.8 seconds. Vectrix electric maxi scooter also quieter than other gasoline-powered scooters and has lower maintenance costs for every period. The battery-powered, non-polluting scooter can be quickly charged using any standard electrical outlet in every country without needed any extra service such as long time charging and high voltage.
If we compared Vectrix electric scooter with the other electric scooters,  Vectrix offers longer range (between 2-3 times longer than other product, which translates into 35-55 miles/55-90 km per charge, depending on the driving speed and road condition). Beside that, the center of gravity is lower and it has a longer wheel base than the other electric scooter from different brands, and this design making it safer to drive and easier to handle on every road and traffic condition.

For your information with fully charged battery inside it will give you about 68 miles of range to ride, as Vectrix mentioned, under ideal road, speed and traffic condition. Actually on the real road conditions we will meet hills and traffic and brief full-speed blasts on the freeway, figure it about 40 miles tops before you have to find a wall socket to charge the battery. And automatically the last 10 miles will be in power-saving “limp-home” mode, it so easy andrevolution right on that year? As I mentioned above top speed that can be reach on a full battery is electronically limited to an indicated 62 mph.
taxi paris Vectrix electric scooter for sale

The comfortable seat for rider and passenger sits an average-sized seat rider below the top of the windscreen on the front, safe from high-speed buffeting and high pressure by wind. There is more than enough room or we can say large room for two passengers as usual on the seat, but what you must consider rises your load capacity will quickly reduce and drain the battery life and as a result you’re only got shorter range.

Born and founded in 1996, America migrates to Australia 18 months ago. The sales manager and co-owner of Vectrix said,” It’s not a regular or usual scooter as you ever see before. All of the souls are different than you expected”.

Meanwhile talk about price, in 2007 Vectrix electric scooter for sale on the road for about $11,000. For first time buying, we would think it’s too expensive vehicles for environment friendly. But what somebody from BBC ever said,” Save the earth, is not cheaper than we expected”