How to Choose Right Scooter Engine Capacity as You Needs, Don’t Make a Mistake

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aprillia 50cc scooter

Most of dealer and seller around the world said 50cc scooter are the entry level in the scooter world. But have you ever consider and think that 50cc scooter will be suitable and comfort for you? How about 50cc moped top speed? The beginner or first time buyer mistake is buying a scooter that doesn’t provide enough power and performance as they needed. On this post lets we share useful information to make right and perfect decision before purchase a new scooter.

Define Scooter Motor’s Power
Scooter performances depend on the engine capacity and displacement which calculated in cc. Larger engine capacity it’s mean you will get larger power and performance. Faster acceleration and top speed produced also depend on this factor. More engine capacity and power also allows us to carry more passengers with extra weight and cargo.

In the past most of rider only knew 50cc up to 250cc engine capacity which ever produced to powered scooter. But today, we will meet moped scooter and maxi scooter with 300cc scooter, 500cc or even more engine capacity. Scooter motor which powered by engine capacity more than 300cc is well known as maxi scooter. As a result scooter motor is not a little cute vehicles again. The size and price also adjust with the engine capacity that equipped on the models.
typhoon 125cc scooter

Performance and Power That You Need?
To consider and calculated how much power and performance of the scooter that you needs, ask to yourself with the question above:
  • How about your weight? Is it extra? Middle? Lightweight? Or ever weight?
    More weight that you have, more power and larger engine capacity that you need.
  • How speed that you want, how fast that you often use on your daily errands?
    Every road conditions on your environment, on your town also need to consider.
  • What cargo that you often carry? How passenger that you pick up everyday?
    Do you often carry passenger everyday? Have you ever plan to carry a lot of stuff from grocery?
  • Power, performance and ability to avoid obstacles or urgent condition.
    With all factor and considered thing above what you need after all is enough power left on your scooter motor to face urgent condition such as catch up a truck or big vehicles. So you don’t need to worry when riding on the highway with full of cargo and passenger you still have extra power to do quick acceleration.
125cc scooter on the road


The Big Deal Choosing 50cc Scooter

As I mentioned before, 50cc scooter is the new way in the scooting world. If you have unoverweight may 50cc able to handle it in city road. But purchase 50cc scooter to avoid driving license is your reason why, exactly it’s not a smart choice of your life. The real reason buying 50cc scooter is because perfect power as you needs not for avoid driver license endorsement, it’s fair enough. The purpose why state is not required driving license for 50cc scooter is because 50cc scooters are safer than other higher engine capacity. It’s slower than the other and doesn’t require any training skills to operate. But for your information, most of traffic accident cases in United States involved 50cc vehicles are not caused by the speed of 50cc vehicles itself. But it commonly caused by oncoming vehicles from opposite direction or vehicles that turning suddenly in front of the suspect.

Accelerate out of danger with extra power remaining

An important thing that you should care about, ride on the road with 10 mph under your scooter’s top speed. The function, left power will be useful to do urgent maneuver, with extra acceleration power you will be able to avoid trafficaccident. Most of riders have been saved by extra power acceleration. When a car change their lanes or turning without notice most of rider use this power to maneuver.

My opinion, 125cc scooter is good one for all buyers, especially for first time buyer. 125cc engine capacity will handle all the jobs. Carrying cargo, passenger, avoid obstacles. But what you should notice, larger engine means bigger scooter.
girls on 125cc scooter
Example to Grow Your Idea
To fishing your idea, let me tell you a story, real story. It’s also to reflect how your situation.
I was purchase my second scooter motor few year ago. It’s a little scooter with 80cc engine capacity. But problem appear when I and my friend at the bottom of a hill on the way home. So I think I need larger engine capacity. Maybe 125cc is perfect.
First of All, I noted my cargo loads.
  • I frequently carry passengers heavier than me
  • I do grocery shopping and carry weighty items like bags of potting soil and cases of bottled water
This puts me at a minimum of 150cc to handle all my jobs everyday as I mentioned above.
Then I assessed the roads that I cross everyday on my country, The road conditions and geographical:
  • I live in Indonesia, some of the hills on my country are so sharp. There are stairs built into the sidewalks just for walk to the top.
  • I was participate in frequent riders club and I want to be able to keep up with everyone without any trouble I make up while rolling with them.
Figuring all the points above points into my heavy cargo load, I could probably need 200cc scooter. But beside that I need enough power left over to accelerate out of danger and get on the Interstate. So I think larger engine is better to handle all that jobs.

Take your time when choosing and decide how engine that you need. Avid in a hurry because the best choice if you consider it for a few times before. Choose wisely to meet your need and don’t be interest to avoid rules breakout.
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