Expert Opinion: Best Scooter Motor Brands Under $3000 for College Student

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Best scooter brands- KYMCO-People150
Looking for cheap scooter motor with good enough performance, suitable with your wallet amount, stylish looks and doesn’t make you look as a gay? Haha. That’s not a good reason on my last sentence. But it’s true, most of student trapped on the cheap price of the scooter motor which give them bad design and some of their friend yelling gay to them. But don’t be worry because today a lot of scooter motor and moped scooter motor manufacturer produce scooter motor with stylish or even sporty design with proper price to targeting college student who want to ride moped scooter for their daily errands.

But before talk further, I mention if most of scooter motor on the road with engine capacity over 50cc will require motorcycle license because it categorize in two wheels vehicles as noted in rules for most country. Some of country also required driver license to allow your ride your scooter motors on their street.
125cc or 150cc motor scooter can reach speed up to 55 MPH at average and 65 MPH for some product.

So what the best scooter motor brands which have price under $3000?

Some best scooter motor brands below will help you to consider your next moped scooter:

best scooter brands - genuine buddy 125

Another advice, buy the scooter motor from legal dealer which have specialized in scooter motor’s sales. The best scooters brands that I noted above have good reputation in service support and part support. All the best scooter brands above also have enough experience in providing scooters product especially in product development and sales record.

What about other brands which claimed they also provide best scooter motor under their brands name?
There are a lot of scooter motor brands around the world today with tried to push the major manufacturer and break the market to introduce their scooters product. But what I would say, beware and consider every factor before you buy scooter motor from this kind of brands.

If you interested with their cheap price, learn the brand if you never heard their name. Learn all the factors such as sales track record, browse on the internet, asked scooter’s expert and any other.
A lot of “strange” and “new comer” scooter motor manufacturer outside which offers a good or even amazing deal but from my experience they will fall far short when come problem related with maintenanceservice, guarantee and reliable parts.

With budget under $3000, I would say that the best scooter motor for you is 50cc scooter motor. But if you need more than speed or better looks consider purchase 125cc scooter motor. One recommended product, Yamaha Vino from Yamaha. With retro style and good enough engine capacity you’ll able to erase gay stamp on your image and run faster as you need when go to college everyday. Another recommended product, Genuine Buddy 125cc scooter and Kymco People 150cc scooter motor.

genuine blur 150 - best scooter brands Further but cross your price tag, Genuine Blur also offers sporty looks and good performance in speed. But you need to add more money or I can say just little bit more for better product.

Beside all the price tag above, what you need to expect before is budget for apparel and gear. Few hundred dollars for jacket, helmet, boots and gloves maybe over budget but for safety riding is a good decision to buy them.
genuine blur S220 2011 - Best Scooter brands