Piaggio fly 50 2013 Review, Piaggio Bring Different Stylish Fresh Looks

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piaggio fly 50 2013
Piaggio, a famous Italian Scooter motor manufacturer plan to introduce their brand new product wit product name Piaggio fly 50 2013 for global market around the world. Piaggio fly 50 2013 will born with fresh new design , new features and more accessible technology inside.

According to the news and 2013 Piaggio fly 50 review from motorcycle.com, 2013 Piaggio Fly 50 will take some significant changing compared with previous models. Black accent and charm body make the identity of 2013 Piaggio Fly 50 looks so sharp. For passenger seat, Piaggio cut the size to provide charm looks than [revious model of piaggio fly.

2013 piaggio fly 50 price global market
Under the seat as the other scooter motor product Piaggio fly 50 2013 also equipped with storage. But what interest here is storage capacity of Piaggio fly 50 2013 is bigger than other scooter thus able to load 2 helmets inside at once. What make this can happen is because fuel tank moved to the foot steps area so under seat offer wider space.

Another changes and development affect the rear lamp design. Wrapped with chrome coated the rear lamp of piaggio fly 50 looks more elegant and stylish. To make this new product looks more different from previous model Piaggio also completed Piaggio fly 50 with new 12 inch of wheels.

Move to speed performance and engine capacity, Piaggio fly 50 2013 powered by 4 strokes engine with 50cc of engine capacity. Piaggio claimed that Piaggio fly 50 top speed can reach up to 70 MPH.

Piaggio also add some additional features especially for safety features. Armored with 220 mm of disc brake and 140 mm of drum brake to provides extra braking performance at any condition when we riding piaggio fly.

Unfortunately, if you want to know about 2013 Piaggio fly 50 price, they were not announced yet. Just wait for official launching soon. 
2013 Piaggio Fly 50

girls ride 2013 Piaggio Fly 50