5 No-one Told Rules for New Biker, Even Your Dad Also Never Tell this To You

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For some reason you ride your bike on the road, maybe it because your brother did it but what I can said you are an adrenalin hunter. Motorcycle Is a cheap vehicles for your daily errand and by the vehicles you might attract a woman in your city. Everything is legal and valid for you now. You already become a biker. For your life since today

When you consider to purchase a motorcycle, I’m pretty sure that peoples around you would tell many stories about their friend, brother who had a motorcycle and today they sitting on their wheelchair can’t do everything that they able to do before. And I bet their story never stop you to get your own motorcycle.
But here I tried to tell you about certain thing that never told by them (of course). So it’s just like a secret files in biker world and in literally sometime it will hit your face as you become a biker in the moment.

How’s your riding?

Always took the advantages when riding on a motorcycle especially when you riding between the cars on traffic jam. Riding on a motorcycle will make you learn to look out and be aware with everybody who trying to kill you in literally. 

Quick danger is around you and when you do something wrong everything will be pull out and you’ll be a little pieces above the rest.
driver who try to hit you

However, one of ride a motorcycles greatest advantages - being able to keep two-fingers up to visitors - has its cost. A lengthy line of visitors will cause a disaster that even a 3-year old couldn't go with. If anyone hesitates at a junction when you're behind them, the expletives streaming from your screen will be noisier than any car horn. Anyone doing 50mph in an NSL will be able to see your visitors in their back perspective reflection. If they look at it that is.
God will always protect your friend on the back seat.

old man like motorcycle
With Your Motorcycle, You’ll have new old friend, real old man actually
Choose your motorcycle models which become your reflection (wisely). Ride on a Harley Davidson or other kind of that motorcycle and when you stop in the sidewalk middle aged men will look at your motorcycle with their own mind. Just for a minute after that he will come to you then give you unwanted question or opinion. Your chance, they never know because your motorcycle produced before they were born.

Buy a maxi scooter or superbike and everything would be ok wherever you step the sidewalk.
When you decide to ride on classic look motorcycle or worse modern series with classic look, you’ll be the greatest point of view for their day. When you tried to ask some question they would try to explain with their unknown information about your motorcycle that you don’t know and you never care about it.
The conversation will flow like: Is that Piaggio? In the world war they used it to carry ammunition and I was pretty lucky to have one and I sell it to a collector. Good price on the time. (5 minutes of one-way conversation)

biker boys with tatto
What peoples think when you say you are a biker.
Neighbors thought you’re a nice guy. You have good career, good future, perfect jobs and good salary. You choose to spend your holiday cut your backyard. BBQ every Saturday and you’re pretty good when tried to finish a DIY.
But have you ever think what happen if you tell you a motorcycle while you talk with a girl who introduced herself to you 10 second ago. Her mind will fly to the other man images. And when you tell she further about you choose a motorcycle than a cruiser Greek language spinning on their head. At your last intonation you perfectly become the most different men in the party. It’s a no-win situation.
And let's not mention your future in-laws. Well actually, why not! They'll think you hang around with a load of bearded outlaws and are a menace to society. The fact you're clean-shaven, called Tony and you work in accounts will only further their deep-rooted suspicion that it's all a front and their daughter is about to marry an outlaw and probably join a cult. Be warned.
Then let’s talk about your parent in-laws. They will think you live with a man loaded by full bearded on his face. The fact you have clean face without any beard and you have amount on your account, they will think their daughter join a cult. Be careful.

Bees, Your new enemy
And also any other flies insect. Do you remember when you’re on a Barbeque party 2 years ago and a group of bees start to invade everyone. You sit there with good manner keep calm and asking what everybody cares about on this beautiful day.
But it’s little bit different when you ride on your motorcycle. It’s a sunny day with clear sky and you singing while riding on a bike. For about 40 meter in front of you, a big insect look like a bee do their daily business and then without any chance to avoid the bees hit your cheek. Close enough to your eyes, lucky. With super fast action you stop the motorcycle on the sidewalk and do a weird dance while still wearing your helmets.

bread biker nod
You don't just nod to anyone
When you get a motorbike, you become aspect of a team. It's a team no rider really speaks about but you're in it now and you're prohibited to keep. Ever. When you first finish your analyze, you'll nod at anyone and everyone. If you're going down a street and a dog looks at you in the right way, you'll probably nod at him too.
But this will modify. There are no set guidelines as to how it will modify, but you'll create your own value. You won't nod at child motor scooters, but one day you'll suddenly nod at a man on maxi-scooter and you'll experience unclean. You won't nod at cruiser motorbike motorcycles, but sometimes you will when you can assurance they'll nod returning. But they never do and you'll think 'Right, sod all cruiser motorbike bikers, they're tossers'. Until when you nod at one after that
You'll be able to choose out what kind of bicycle is nearing you, just from the front lights, and you'll have already created your choice. You probably won't nod at 1200GS bikers with related kit and aluminum panniers or maybe you will but you'll choose out your little exclusions and adhere to them. Then you'll perform yourself into a finish clutter trying to keep in mind who you do and don't nod at and you'll dislike yourself when you crack your own concept.
You realized these 5 guidelines already, can you give me another?

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