How Moped Scooter Roller Affect Your Scooter’s Speed and Performance

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The first word to start this post, forget everything that you know about roller on your scooter motor. Roller doesn’t produce any significant improvement and speed up your moped scooter unless you apply the wrong weight, size and model. Just simply adjust your roller scooter motor at the rate where the moped scooter moves up on the gears. Most of scooter’s owner makes some mistake by thinking that heavier roller applied to their scooter produce much speed and lighter rollers give them extra acceleration.

What you need to know heavier roller on your moped or maxi scooter only put the transmission into higher with too soon moment and what you get in the end, you’ll see you moped scooter running with 20mph of speed and 6,00 of rpm until you broke your gear and say goodbye to your scooter motor. The only one moment when you lose your top speed with lighter roller is when you apply worse light roller scooter motor and you set it up with dumb adjustment.

Other common mistake of moped scooter’s owner is actually what the size that you choose for your moped scooter’s roller (usually measured in millimetres). Set up roller on your scooter motor with wrong roller size mean they’re not big enough to handle and push the gear to the higher place.

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From some scooter motor owners, they claimed that roller on the moped scooter is also reflect jetting method because if you use the heavier scooter roller what you get is powerless engine and disability speed. If you realize it looks like jetting up the  scooter motor by set up the throttle into fully throttle setup. As my experience, I always keep my scooter motor roller with revs so I never get my scooter motor always pulled up into the wrong top speed.

Another thing that you must be considers is the scooter exhaust. Moped scooter exhaust produce max power by certain rpm so you never would to go above or below the rpm with heavier scooter motor rollers drop sooner (change gear too soon), scooter roller with light size(increase your rpm). Think it like you set up the gear on mountain bike.

The analogy, when you try too changes your scooter motor gear quickly slow down your legs movement and it just like you pedal your bike crazier and you never got any speed increases. 

Don’t be so confused when set up your scooter rollers. The first 5 second can be your parameter. Moped scooter roller is exists to play your role when playing on the locks up.

And the last, over adjustment on your transmission gear will become the main trouble for your scooter motors. And it can be your general rules to setting up your scooter motor without need to visit your mechanics.

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