Steering Locked is Not Enough to Protect Your Motorcycles From Group of Thieves

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Stolen motorcyle and scooter for all bikers who live in UK, do you ever heard about there’s an easy method to steal a motorcycle on a parker lot? It’s become popular especially in London all cities around UK. And I think this method is used by many thieves around the world such as Asia, my country already revealed about this method for a couple year.
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Scooter stolen in parking bay

This is what would they done to steal your motorcycle:

In a parking log a thief pretend to be a motorcycle’s owner which checking his own bike. On the same time he look around for to other motorcycle near by them and look for additional security systems on a scooter or motorcycle but they can’t see any security systems applied. They check it again and this London’s thief only found the steering lock on. So this is easily to be wheeled it away the scooter on the road without wheel locked. They look around, spread their glance, no one around and they start to grab the still. Smash it to left and right just for a second and the steering lock is broken. Then they leave it away.

security systems scooter,scooter alarm security
Scooter steering locked
For a couple minutes later, they return with their mate, hops off on their mate’s bike and they pulled the stolen motorcycle or scooter. Their foot placed on pillion peg and they start to push your stolen scooter down the street by the power of their motorcycles.
They bring it to another corner on the street and pick it up with a van or push down to the road and make it home. Not until 15 minutes your motorcycles stolen by this group.
It’s easy how they stole your scooter right?
A group of organized motorcycles thief earn up to £3m from stealing motorcycle, bike or even scooter around UK in a months. There are some advice to protect you motorcycle from this group by make it less attractive for them.

Big chain or tracker applied to your motorcycle will make them think twice before done their action. Steering lock is not save at all so don’t just rely on this security systems especially after we know the weak of steering lock on a scooter and motorcycle.
You only need spend £10 - £120A for a disc brake locker. The advantages you can protect you scooter or motorcycles from being wheeled easily by the thief.
I often seen so many scooter and motorcycles parked in the London street with no locked systems on it. They often only locked their motorcycle with steering lock. We know it’s look like become very clear today to said “use a additional lock” but in the real case they never think it again. We know we don’t want become their next target to be stolen.

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2 Responses to "Steering Locked is Not Enough to Protect Your Motorcycles From Group of Thieves "

Sam Gibson said...

This is a great point about keeping your motorcycles safe. I didn't realize how easy it might be for a thief to take a motorcycle or scooter. Do they make a lock for the frame of a cycle? It seems like just locking the tire isn't enough.

Mobile App Developers said...

Nice post, things explained in details. Thank You.