Unique News : Combine Vespa and Lambretta

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Vespabretta, India Premier Vespa and Lambretta restoration specialist and spare parts, many new scooters in any way have been able to research and recreate the elegance of a classic Vespa or Lambretta. lines and grace of these early models are timeless. the problem is that very few classic scooters are available - dealers are hard to find reliable and some classic bikes that reach the market are not very cheap. this is exactly where stand

since we were only exporting parts when my good friend came from abroad came to visit me and asked him to build a Lambretta for him. Because we in no way looked back.

Renowned for perfect Lambretta and Vespa returns an exception out of this world, the world Lambretta and Vespa parts service, Lambretta scooters, Lambretta sales, Lambretta servicing, Lambretta repairs, Lambretta accessories, Lambretta books, Lambretta badges, full Lambretta physical rooms, chrome plating, powder coating, polishing, paint, tires, all released quickly at any time exactly where on the planet, it costs nothing to help and friendly service are just some of the items we can offer you and the Vespa scooter, we have " GP s 'if Lambretta "s to the desired specifications CC 200 CC with and without disc brakes 225-250 Lambretta TS1 efficiency kits and Rapid real Lambretta GP 250, and her lover, who wants a small and a little' more, and much more on his bike, there are many, new scooters have never been able to re-look and elegance of a classic Vespa or Lambretta.

It is only now that Europe, Australia, New Zealand and American collectors and dealers are placing their way to us. Actually, now we are exporting to VESPABRETTA classic scooters on the market in Italy (picture!).

We offer a wide range of restored scooters from the 60 and 70. We currently export to Europe and USA literally every developed country has satisfied customers

We have a wide range based client that our clients for scooter school will Scoot enthuiasts Grand Pa agreed every customer wants a different time for their scooters from simple GPS at the top of the line TS1 Vespa bikes overall result based . We take care of all their needs of custom designed motorcycles liner. You name it, we do it for you.

Lambretta: - Fully restored ground up restoration (nut and bolt restoration) we strip the bikes to their naked sheath treated with primer resistant epoxy surf races so common to coat the base coat clear (to give it that wet Research). All paints and functions of painting and PPG products are 100% ... PPG ... PPG and nothing gives us the code we PPG color of your choice as well.

Completely chrome finish your choice. Only the best chrome job so it retains its luster, and are unlike the poor chroming antiflaking.

None of our articles or regional market is bad after I take care of it and use the best components and authentic. we only use new SIL GP 200 engine I would not say that my bike is almost 100% new parts and I will not say like other makers that new outdoor equipment (cables), wiring, locks, carburettors, bearing seals, etc ... etc, due to the fact that it looks stupid people and only this dimension is the people who re-cycly components of their bikes my bikes have 100% new parts period. Last but not least our bikes are not developed by an individual chicken farmers who do not know if you have questions about restoring these beauties.

These bikes are built by our very own shop by professional mechanics who spent their entire lives running scooters and know their job very effectively.

Vespa - the beauty of real classics, some people call VBB Sportique but some call the real meaning of the Vespa. A fully restored ground up restoration, we are not satisfied with other products (nut and bolt restoration) we strip the bikes to their naked sheath treat them with rust resistant primer then standard epoxy, surf races to coat the base coat clear (to give the research wet). All paints and paint work and products are 100% PPG ... PPG ... PPG and virtually nothing to give us the code we PPG color of your choice effectively. Chrome accents of your choice entirely the work of the finest chrome so that it can keep its luster and antiflaking unlike metal poor. any of our items are regional or bad, just after the market, I take care of everything and use only the largest and vespas original parts are available in many alternative energy, all the vespas are 12 V electronic , 10 "wheels.

My bike is 100% new parts and would not say that new external kits (cables), wiring, locks carburettors, bearing seals etc ... etc., because it looks stupid and the men that the size and women, there are people who recycle the parts in their bikes my bikes have 100% brand new parts period.