Vemar Helmets, Leader of Unique Helmets

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Vemar Helmet
30 years of experience in composite fibers, including glass and carbon fiber, polyethylene fiber Dyneema. Vemar Helmets Srl Grosseto, Italy has become the largest manufacturer of composite fiberglass helmets in Europe, specializing in high-tech protective gear to head for military, police, industry and motorsport.

Used by some of the best drivers in the world, Vemar helmets are classified in Europe with a wide range of models for racing cars, SUV, motorcycle and lift.

The ECE 22.05 is just one of the safety standards used by Vemar. Vemar helmet is certified as effective compatible with all other international standards, including: DOT, Snell, BSI, AS, etc ...

Vemar helmets have received the most complete range of helmets currently available on the market and are now available for the first time in Vietnam.

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