Suzuki Brugman 2007 400cc Scooter, Gas Efficient I Scooter With Extra Comfort Features

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Suzuki 2007 Burgman 400cc Scooter i
Suzuki 2007 Burgman 400cc Scooter is one of the best 400cc scooters that ever born. This 400cc scooter is the practical of gas efficient, global warming campaign, environmental friendly with easy using and become the suitable rivals for any 4 strokes or to strokes 400cc scooter with two wheels.  

This 400cc scooter comes with extra comfortable features. Equipped with extra backrest to stretch your legs and support your back. The single cylinder and V-belt driven machine make this 400cc scooter can reach speed up to 120 mph. The front and rear brakes controlled with hand. On this 400cc scooter Suzuki also added new body and sub-throttle completed with Idle Speed Control. The ISC will optimized the speed of this 400cc scooter.
Suzuki Burgman 2007 400cc scooter also provides panels which easy to read. The panel design showed us ambient temperature and for the windshield also works very well to keep the wind from front side.
Ok, why Suzuki feel so proud with this 400cc scooter. The reason is this 400cc scooter is very “did” gas efficient. It is showed by the panels inside which showed average fuel consumption. And this feature becomes the best campaign from Suzuki to sells their product.
Suzuki Burgman 2007 400cc Scooter designed for everyone who looking for 400cc scooter with gas efficient consumption. This 400cc scooter also suitable for the rider who cares with their safe ride.

2007 SUZUKI BURGMAN 400cc Scooter
MSRP: $5899
Type: l-c single
Valve arrangement: DOHC, 4v
Displacement: 400cc scooters
Transmission: automatic
Weight: 439 lbs., claimed, dry (200kg)
Fuel capacity: 3.6 gallons (13.7L)