Scooters Motorcycles Review: Top 250cc Scooter On The Road

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CheetahTouring 250cc Scooter
Sometimes there are some questions from every people that would buy 250cc scooters motorcycle.  When the hit the store of course what they looking for is a 250cc scooter with the power and durability as they want. But sometimes they even never know how the power and the durability of the product that they will choose. So, on this post I will give you all some recommended 250cc scooters motorcycle which become on the top list of 250cc scooter. 

Cheetah Touring 250cc Scooter:

 Cheetah Touring 250cc Scooter is one of the top 250cc scooter that I recommended to all of you. This 250cc scooter can reach the speed up to 80 mph and its legally to be ride on the road especially for small populated city. Cheetah 250cc scooter will be on of the best option for you. Even with small gas tank but this 250cc scooter can reach speed up to 80mph. This 250cc scooter is very suitable for beginner. Cheetah 250cc scooter comes with 4 strokes and water cooled, ABS dual disc brakes and extra space on baggage to put all your stuff. Cheetah 250cc scooter sold on the market with price around $3200. This 250cc scooter also protected with 2 years warranty.

Vespa GTS 250cc Scooter:

Another great 250cc scooters I introduce Vespa GTS 250cc scooter. But to have this 250cc scooter you must spend much money than other 250cc scooter which spread on the market. I can expected for you that the price of this 250cc scooter is around $6000 for the new one. With this scooter you can reach the speed up to 70 mph with 2.4 litter of gas. Vespa GTS 250cc scooter available in blue, black, red and sporty design.  Vespa GTS 250cc scooter also completed with rack behind and baggage under the seat.

Vespa GTV 250cc Scooter:

Besides GTS version, Vespa also launched another 250c scooter series with product name GTV. The most difference look on both of the scooter is the design of course. While GTS series 250cc scooter designed with modern touch, GTV series comes with classic style likes Vespa Scooter in 50’. The price of this 250cc scooter? Ok little bit more expensive, around $7000 to take this beautiful classic 250cc scooter to your home.

Kymco Grandvista 250cc Scooter:

Kymco Grandvista 250cc Scooter give us the power and sleek design which extremely become the reason for $ 4,400 of price. 4 strokes water cooled inside Kymco Grandvista 250cc Scooter give us the best power and speed on the road. And the one of the best features is, there are backrest for front and back rides. Make us more comfortable to ride on this 250cc scooter for long ride. 

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