3 Wheel Scooter Reviews - Piaggio MP3 250 Scooter

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Piaggio MP3 250 3 Wheel Scooter
With the increase of gas prices today, we can see that the sales of scooter and motorcycles are also rises. Related with this condition, the sales of scooter in major cities also become a big market for every manufacturer. What we could now is only predict and expected the sales increases is continue till the gas prices become normal, which is impossible.

Walk to the past, Enrico Piaggio is the man who introduced the popular brands of scooter since 1946 until today which knows as Vespa. Vespa becomes popular because they always offered unique design, features, engine and their own personal identity. For just 6 years after born, Vespa make their own fans, influence in scooters life and bring the new ways for human being by individual transportation.

And today, Piaggio also introduced their new scooter design called Piaggio MP3 250cc scooter which designed with 3 wheel scooter. Everybody expected that the 3 wheel scooter still carrying the old design. But as we see now, Piaggio MP3 250cc the 3 wheel scooter comes with 2 front wheels and on the rear. So, how all of this can be used?   Say thanks to electro-hydraulic tilt systems which help Piaggio to create this 3 wheel scooter. The electro-hydraulic tilt system will force and hold every weight and maneuver needed by the calculation on how much the 3 wheel scooter lean and turn. 

Talking about the engine which support Piaggio MP3 250cc 3 wheel scooter, Piaggio drop their choice to equipped 4 strokes and liquid cooled systems from Aprilia Scarabeo 250ie. The reason is, Piaggio try to meets with Euro3 emission regulation. The fuel tank of Piaggio MP3 250cc 3 wheel scooter is able to bring 4.3 liter of gas for 100km distance and it is far from that people expected. What we need to know here is, it’s not about the speed and how fast we can push this 3 wheel scooter. What Piaggio create is a safe and gas efficient individual transportation. Piaggio MP3 250cc 3 wheel scooter looks so compact when we see to the design and materials. Compared with the other 3 wheel scooter, Piaggio also developed their suspension systems. For safe riding 2 wheels on the front gives more grip and smooth bumping. Other addition features and design Piaggio MP3 250cc 3 wheel scooter bring extra storage space under the seat and they make the foot steps wider for comfort riding with long distance.

Overall, we can say that this is a great, good and suitable 3 wheel scooter. What we wait is the official price from Piaggio which define the customer’s opinion. Compared with the other competitors, Piaggio always create their own ways for human transportations.

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