Hybrid Scooter - Peugeot introduce HYbrid 3 Wheel Scooter

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Peugeot HYbrid 3 Wheel Scooter
The ideas to save the energy come from around the world. People make the competition to build some tools or vehicles which very friendly with environment. They come from a black board on the office into real thing to provide gas efficient and friendly environment tools and vehicles.  

And have you know that what people on automotive and vehicles developer today is a 3 wheel scooter which powered by hybrid energy source. The concept nearly appears on few months ago. Developers and manufacturer try to produce 3 wheel scooters with internal combustion for rear wheel then jump into a concept which able to make Hybrid 3 wheel scooter with all wheel drive. The new technology which is very useful is the concept to use EV mode to move the 3 wheel scooter up to 6 miles. The riders and users today can use it for their daily activity without needed any gasoline.  

Few months ago at Milan international motorcycle show, a manufacturer, Peugeot introduced a 3 wheel drive scooter with hybrid technology named Hybrid3 evolution. The 3 wheel scooter provides 36 kw of power using 11mpg of gasoline and 48g/km of CO2 which equipped on the vehicles.
The Hybrid 3 wheel scooter is a successor and higher version of Hybrid 3 compressor which introduced at Paris 2008. 

Benefits using Hybrid 3 Wheel scooter are enable the riders to drive in 3 different types.
  1. 1.    Electric mode, provide low speed up to 10 km 
  2.  Gasoline mode, provide stable speed on the road and efficient of fuel 
  3.    Gasoline and electric mode combined, required some road conditions.
The Hybrid 3 wheel scooter also comes with start stop system which makes the engine keep stable on the stop mode. Front suspension on Hybrid 3 wheel scooter offers smooth and stability bumping on the road by the presence of suspension which assembles on 3 wheel hub.
 The developer from Peugeot said that Hybrid 3 wheel scooter is an original concept and implementation s for future technology. This technology can be applied for different engines for many types of vehicles, even a smallest vehicle.

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