Introduce Piaggio GT Series, Piaggio X10 350cc Scooter for Urban Commuters

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Piaggio X10 350cc scooter
After few weeks ago Piaggio launched their brand new 300cc scooter models for Europe market, this week Piaggio prepare for the born of their 350cc scooter which categorize in Grand Turismo Series. Be ready for the presence of Piaggio X10 350cc scooter. For the first time I saw Piaggio X10, what I can said are, modern, sinorius, a rich endowment with maxi performance inside. If you are the rider who looking for max comfort riding wrapped with Italian elegance, I think Piaggio X10 350cc scooter is perfect vehicles for you.
Piaggio X10 350cc scooter supported with the presence of electric rear suspension which can be adjusted with electrical systems, dual ABS, parking brake. About the extra features give applause with the presence of LCD screen with computer function, wide wind shield and large foot steps.

Luxury inside a scooter motor? You found the best one.

Piaggio X10 350cc scooter becomes the successor for previous GT line and what I can expected is Piaggio X10 will follow the previous forerunner such as Hexaon, X8 and X9 which already blow up their market sales up to 400,000 vehicles sold nowadays.
X10 Piaggio offers what urban rider needs such as extra large storage below seat which can save helmets, boxes or even handbag.
Comes in 3 engine capacity series, Piaggio X10 350cc scooter keep on eco friendly campaign and available for every type of commuter with 125, 350 and 500cc scooter engine capacity.

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