Honda Activa Compared with Honda Aviator, Who Win The Competition?

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Honda Activa Compared
Today, it’s little bit difficult to buy the best scooter motor which suitable for us from the price and performance. With so many brands and various models offered sometimes a scooter motor which claimed very suitable for us is not absolutely perfect for us. And it happens with my brother yesterday. After searching on the internet for few hours, what he said is “I think I’ll use public transportation”. I think he is desperate or frustrated with the various brands and models on the internet which always offers sweet discount, high recommended price or else. And at the end, this morning he confused between two models for a same brand. Both of scooter motors are HondaActiva and Honda Aviator. 

What I said to him, “Both of them are Honda right? So what you confused for? ”. After that I tried to looking for some reference from the internet to help my brother. So, on this occasion lets we talk about comparison between Honda Activa and Honda Aviator. May this post help all of you who confused as my brother do.
Checking from the sales report, Honda Acitva still lead the position above Honda Aviator since Honda released it on 2010. The bad situation for some country customers are need to wait for 3 months if they purchase Honda Activa and 7 up to 15 days for purchasing Honda Aviator. Most of people especially in India and Asia people like the looks of Honda Activa. Honda Activa looks more stylish and sporty than Honda Aviator. Simple design and material which built the body on Honda Activa is a plus one for this model.  

For another features and specification both of scooter motor offers same features. Honda Activa and Honda Aviator bring same 110cc engine capacity. For other specifications, Honda Aviator offers better suspension and light weight, better gas mile ages and wider tire than Honda Activa.

What makes both of scooter motor looks so different?

Source from a dealer said that Honda Aviator STD is not completed with front disc brake while Honda Activa equipped with front disc break.  

Finally my conclusion is, I said to my brother “Choose Honda Activa”. Why? Consider the price I think it’s fair because Honda Activa offers more benefits than t. Honda Activa built their brand name from couple years ago. The popularity of this models and other benefits provided mae me sure that Honda Activa is better choice than Honda Aviator