Expert Guide: Avoid and Reduce The Chance of Accident At Intersection

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ride scooter at intersection

Traffic accident involved scooter majority caused by 4 key factors as quoted from Motorcycle Safety Foundation. On this occasion we will talk about safety riding advice to reduce the number of victims and hard injuries or maybe delete every case to prevent road accident.

If you never heard about MSF, search on Google for Motorcycle Safety Foundation and try to join there. A lot of useful advice, safety technique, maneuver, tips to stay safe on the road will be shared on their class.
A lot of traffic accident which involved scooter motor mostly caused by 4 factors. May the following factor below will make you consider fixed your riding style:

·         Traffic Accident Case At an Intersection
·         Rider with less experience in riding their vehicles
·         Over speed and over maneuver
·         Alcohol, drug or any heady stuff
safety at intersection

Notice Everything While on Intersection
Most of scooter and motorcycle accident happens at intersection. Being notice and warn in every time you cross an intersection and increase your visibility to the other vehicles will reduce the chances to be involved and noted at the statistic.

The simple rule for your riding style, try to become visible for everybody. Make sure that all of them realize your presence. Pretending to assume every vehicle will turn in front of you anytime. Riding with this rules and style will save your soul in daily activity.

Read and notice every road signs, warning, traffic lamps. Study in-depth every sign to avoid anything that you didn’t want. 
wear bright color for safety

Make Yourself and Your Vehicle Visible For Other Driver

A lot of methods and ways to make you more visible for the other drivers around you. The purpose to make you visible is to reduce the chance of traffic accident which caused by blind view. 

Ride on Right Lane Position
Adjust your lane position with road condition.

Wear Apparel with Bright Color Which Reflect Light
Helmet with bright color, jacket with phosphor tape will help you to visible whole day. Orange, Green, Yellow and white are color which more visible than the other color. If you riding in the night make sure that your helmet and jacket have attached with reflective tape, striped and phosphor tape. 
guide for safe in intersection

Check Your Light Sign Condition

Make sure and check your headlight, brake light and turning signal work properly. If you find your brake light and turning lamp signal died, replace it with halogen lamp or LED. The benefit using kind of the lamps, halogen and LED provide brighter light. Increase your illumination, see and visible for other driver.

Ride On Your Motorcycle with Enough Skills and Experience


Good rider always calculated and good control at their vehicles. They know how speed that they able to control if there’s any sudden act.

Train Your Skill

Train your skill on parking lot before you sure you have enough ability to ride on the road. Practice some maneuver such as turning, braking and sudden maneuver. Practice your balance also help you to control your vehicles.

Keep Your Speed in Check

For your information, the faster you move, the shorter time for react and avoid. Speed also determine when cornering. Braking on high speed will throw out the rider.

Keep your speed limits and always remember that speed rules all vehicles on highway and city streets. 
empty street in not always safe

Drink Then Riding? Are You Kidding?
Old problem for all riders. I think this is a thing that everybody knows and I think we don’t need to talk about it. But some of people still caught this problem. 

There’s no room for error when riding motorcycle and scooter. One drink means you loss one reaction. Drink and riding, then you have purpose to suicide. Don’t be stupid before a truck hit your face.

What we can take from this post, you have more information to increase your safety by following all of the tips. A lot of urgent and sudden dangerous situation may can be avoided with the guide above. So, be diligent on the road, always notice everything. Be vigilant while on a intersection especially. Ride and don’t forge bring your brain to thing and consider. Keep your speed limit and if you don’t want to stupid die, don’t drink then ride.