Why We Must Choose The Right Motorcycle and Scooter Helmet For Women? Not Only For Fashion?

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Today we often or even always saw women riding on motorcycle or scooter motor on the city street. As we all know the number of women rider have been increases among the gas price rises. Never talk about gender if we face with that problem. All people always looking for efficient transportation and it is not determined you are a women or men.  

When riding a motorcycle or scooter on the city street, the importantthing and gear that you must always wear is helmets. And today helmet not only designed for men. A lot of brands and manufacturer compete to produce women motorcycle helmets with various models and design. Cute and full color design becomes popular style in motorcycle helmets for women. Female Motorcycle Helmet also available in customized models so women can ride their scooter motor or motorcycle with safe knowing they are fully protected but still look fashionable.

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The Important of Wearing Helmets

In United States the safety riding campaign have gain their result and law enforcement do their jobs with the campaign. The success of the campaign proves by most riders who drive motorcycle or even scooter motor make helmets to become their lifestyle and new fashion. Scooter helmet for women also fill up every local apparel store. But unfortunately the campaign is not working on developed country. For few years ago, government in every developed country ensured that the use of helmet will reduce road injuries, brain damage caused by accident, and save their live.

According to WHO, wearing helmet while riding on vehicles has been reduce road injuries in traffic accident cases for about 70%, death cases for about 40% and reduce related injuries to the head caused by traffic accident.
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The Best Motorcycle and Scooter Helmet for Women
All the helmet on the market today from every brands which pass DOT regulation are produced to fit and protect your precious head. Some of scooter and motorcycle helmets for girls designed with extra features such as visor shield to protect the eyes from unwanted object and sunray. Every brand designed their ladies helmets to meet toughest safety regulation. 

Female Scooter and Motorcycle Helmets: How Helmets Protected Your Precious Brain
The reason why helmets always on the top list of safety gear is because it protecting the skull and brain, precious and fragile part of your body. Your skull, from medical sight in not thick more then 3 pennies stacked and it can be very easy to crack or damage. Figure it, if you crash or fall down from your scooter motor or motorcycle and then your head hit the road surface with high speed, what you feel is like a ton of stone breaking your head. As a result your brain will be cracked, bruising, swelling or even tearing. When its happen to you, what you got maybe a permanent injuries which can affect another part of your body.

Motorcycle and Scooter helmets for women which provide good quality of material and safety design will reduce the impact to your head. Damage that you receive will be reduced by helmet that you wear. So from now think twice before your ride on motorcycle without wearing helmets.

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