Next Suzuki Access Predecessor, Introduce Suzuki Swish 125cc Scooter with Extra Mileage

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Suzuki Swish125

Suzuki introduced brand new scooter product which included in CBU line-up scooter. Suzuki Swish 125cc scooter meets the needs of all riders practically with different kind of buyer on the market today. Many peoples look skeptical with performance of Suzuki Swish valuing from the outside. But what you need to know, Suzuki Swish 125cc scooter built with high quality, smart features but sadly it born with odds excitement and performance if international bikers.

Time before we knew Access is success scooter with long wait until they were able to target the market that they want. Honda also did it with Honda Dio and now Suzuki launch Suzuki Swish 125 to aim younger buyer market which looking for “another Access”. 

My question is, why Suzuki postponement it for 4 year just to launch Suzuki Swish 125 which only wrapped with plastic body materials. Suzuki claimed that the purpose using plastic body is to reduce the weight of Swish 125. It save almost 5kg and its push up the speed and performance. But what behind that design it’s more simply. Manufacture metal panel include sculpting is hard today.  This case also happened with Yamaha FZ which uses plastic cover. After all, we can say that the plastic body makes Swish 125 more compact than access. But what much important here? 125cc engine here, means fastest scooter but with smooth acceleration and responsive performance.   
Suzuki Swish 125cc scooter

What about Suzuki swish mileage? Same as another product but you will get extra mileage caused by plastic body. Suzuki Swish 125 comfortable to ride than Access. Extra foot steps give you more space to relax your foot. Lower steer doesn’t make your arm fatigue. What Suzuki forgets they still equipped drum brakes on the fronts I think front disc brake should be a regulation for all brands. They used to migrate to that era.

 Suzuki Swish 125cc Scooter price, in Mumbai is for about Rs 49,831. Suzuki claimed it will give you little more experience and performance. According to a source, Suzuki reported that they will play safe until 2014 for Indian scooter market. Another competitor try to play hard on this game but Suzuki have their own plan. 
Suzuki Swish Mileage