Fit Your Best Helmets for Safety and Comfort Riding, So What’s Brands?

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Arai RX-Q Helmet
Actually the price and quality of a helmet was two things that cannot be separated. All of the factor include price related and very close with the quality of materials, design, technology and features inside a helmet. All the features such as line graphic noise level when wearing and venting options also depend on the brands, model, safety features motorcycle helmets and price. You will get what you pay if we talk about motorcycle helmet. KBC have grown their reputation in wearing out sooner than the other product models. 

You may spend your attention and concern about safety, but for your information motorcycle helmets models which certified and pass the damage test by DOT, ECE and BSI can be considered that the helmets will protect your head for any accident as well as the other helmet product from different manufacturer.

Arai RX-7 GP Cal Helmets

A polling from a site revealed that Arai and Shoei, same product from Japanese prevent 32% and 34% of crashes resulted. On the next class GV and HJC offers higher value for about 35% and 36% of crashes resulted in a concussion. KBC is not listed.

DOT certification stamp on your helmet doesn’t mean that a motorcycle helmet rating to protects as well as any other or not even better than any other helmet models, it can’t be a parameter.  It just means that the helmet that you purchase pass the regulation test which become the minimum DOT standards required for every helmets marketed. You need to know a helmet that exceeds the standards regulation is a better melon protector but the trade off is cost, price will prove every material quality.

The thing that always became a big deal for every buyer was the difference between best helmet and worst helmet which is only 4% prevention in crash and concussions level. And you know what the price can be higher more than 300%. I was agreed with all opinion about helmets protection cost, especially we should spend much money for extra protection for our head.  But it just like, crash regulation are consistent on a brands, so it makes safety not an issue anymore when we talk about choosing best helmets.

AGV K3 helmet cheap

Last but not least information, fit your motorcycle helmet sizing when buy it. Most of rider fit on Shoei size, some of people only fit with AGV. Go to the local store, try it to your head and fit it. Find and buy which feel the best and comfortable to your head. Don’t try to buy helmet from online store except you sure that the size from the brands will be fit to your head. Comfort and fun riding are safe riding with helmets that fits and comfortable, without mention the brands.

Shoei Helmet List 2013