Lambretta Scooters LN 151, The Golden Age of Lambretta Coming Back

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Lambretta for most of people maybe still become a “strange” name today. Especially for peoples who born after 1970 or after the golden age of Lambretta. On their golden age, this Italian scooter manufacturer is always become the big rivals for Vespa which move on the same scooter battle field market.

Lambretta from the memories on the age always provide their own uniqueness compared with Vespa from Piaggio. If Vespa known always produce scooters product with oval design dominated, Lambretta offers different style with their boxy design. The design once again filled up to their brand new scooter product, Lambretta Scooters LN 151.

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For the price of Lambretta Scooters LN 150, Lambretta make a surprise with their Lambretta Scooters LN 151 by throw this product to market for only $3500. An interesting and surprised price for 150 cc scooters motor from Lambretta.
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The engine capacity of Lambretta Scooters LN 151 is able to produce 10,7 PS of power and 7500 rpm.
Classic tastes shining clearly from the design of Lambretta Scooters LN 150 which make us remember to the golden age of Lambretta. Design lines wrapped Lambretta Scooters LN 151 provides the clear taste of old Lambretta but still offers simple accent. Air ventilator ornament added to make the old Lambretta style show up.

With white milk for basic color, Lambretta Scooters LN 151 comes in sky blue, red, green, yellow and violet colors option.
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lambretta ln 150 top speed

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sexy girls on lambretta ln 150