RK 150cc Scooter Series for 2012: RK 150cc Scooters Type 23

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RK 150cc Scooters Type 23
In 2012, a lot of scooter’s manufacturers have steals the start to launched their brand new scooter product. Especially for 150ccscooters class which become on of the hottest categorize in scooter manufacturing competition. And few months ago RK manufacturer also launched their brand new scooter series named RK 150cc Scooters Type 23.

 This scooter provides new elegant design which completed with sporty designed by the presence of dual headlight to make the New RK 150cc scooters looks more aggressive.  
RK 150cc Scooters Type 23 was equipped with air cooling systems, 150cc of engine capacity, 4-stroke engine to make the best power and fastest ride on the road. About the acceleration of this scooter? Good question. There is no doubt that with the 150cc engine on this scooter, we can get more power full engine and acceleration while riding on this 150cc scooter.  about the gas efficient? Don’t worry about it, because you can still keep the mile age with this scooter even it has 150cc engine capacity.

This 150cc scooters also designed with powerful disc brake on the rear and front to provide the safe riding.  The scooter also equipped with electric/kick starting method, high performance aluminum exhaust pipe, dual stage paint treatment, halogen bulbs, high quality polyurethan seat, and large lockable rear trunk. For extra safe features RK 150cc Scooter Type 23 also offers one press button to stop the engine in emergency condition.
RK 150cc Scooters Type 23 is good for you who looking for the simple scooter motor with extra safety design and gas efficient features but still showed the sporty and elegant design at once.

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